Bye-bye Baby

Where has my baby gone? Did I pick up the wrong child from kindy? Because surely there has been some mix-up. This blonde, blue-eyed creature in front of me certainly resembles my baby boy but it cannot be him. Who is this talking, tantruming toddler who all of a sudden no longer likes a stroller and wants to sleep in a big boy bed. Where did my baby go?

Nick at 3 months

I know the answer, of course. My baby is gone forever because Nick has turned two. On the day of his birthday it was like a physical change came over him. One of the most noticeable things was the words that started popping out of his mouth. For months we have been growing equal parts concerned and frustrated as Nick seemed to refuse to talk. His handful of words were used rarely in favour for loud yelling and pointing until the dim-witted adult in question (usual myself) managed to guess what he was demanding.

“Water, milk, banana???”

 “No”, “no”, “NO!”

Until eventually we hit the jackpot… “YEP!” 

But all of a sudden the words are coming more easily. Although predominately one syllable and still used sparingly, punctuated with his trademark yell, his language is certainly progressing.  The word that brought this home (& cracked us up) came one night when I dished up something he found undesirable for dinner. He pushed his plate away, climbed down from the table and pointed at the pantry. As clear as day he demanded, “WEETBIX!”.

Celebrating his 2nd b'day. Brimming with attitude & cuteness!


My baby is definitely growing up and will have no trouble at all making his way in this world.



  1. Oh Nee. How cute. It doesn’t take long, does it?

    Anne xx

  2. I bemoan this every day, the last of my babies is now 2 also…who replaced the cute ga-gaing, rattle shaking angel whose biggest worry was when the bottle or boob was coming next with these backtalking, tantrum throwing, havoc wreaking monster!!

    Amir was very slow to talk in comparison to the other too, it now seems to be coming quite quickly since he’s turned 2, he’s catch-phrase at the moment is “I want” Meh. 🙂

  3. I completely understand where you are coming from. My ‘baby’ who was so calm and easy going has suddenly decided to stare me down saying “NO” anytime I ask him a question or to do anything. Not to mention my 3 year old daughter who acts like she’s in her mid teens most ofthe time but in the blink of an eye she puts on her cutest baby girl loving smile and says I’m her best friend. Talk about mood swings!

    They all grow up but you will always be able to look back at all the pictures of your babies & smile. 🙂

    • Oh Lordy, I can’t even imagine having a girl. Especially once they become teenagers! The attitude I get from Will (4 going on 14) is bad enough but at least I can rest easy in the knowledge that when he actually is 14 he will probably just grunt at me 😉

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