Spit it out!

I did a brave thing  last night. I took another step in saying bye-bye to my baby and threw away the dummies.

This was a hard thing to do but probably more so for me than for Nick.  The Man has been keen to get rid of them for ages and has managed to wean him from them for night sleeps. Mind you, he is also much better at managing at tired, cranky BamBam and being firm with him when needed.

Me… well, I’ve probably mentioned before that when it comes to Nick, I’m a bit of a pushover. Let’s call it a preference for the path of least resistance!  Will was pretty easy when it came to sleep and we said goodbye to the dummy with no fuss at 18  months.  However, it was a long hard road training Nick to put himself to sleep for naps WITH the dummy. Now that he’s got it down pat I’m not so keen to revisit nap time hysteria. Of course if the antics are dramatic enough driving me to capitulate and give him a dummy, he’s asleep in minutes and I can relax with a cuppa!   This little repertoire has of course created a self-fulfilling prophecy and hence the reason they had to go – to remove the temptation from me as well as Nick!Courtesy of stylehive.com

In my own defence, I must say I’ve held out so long in consideration for his other carers too. My poor mum & his daycare teachers will no doubt struggle for a while as well. I really didn’t see his dummy “habit” as an overly bad thing. He only had it for naps and to calm him after a particularly horrendous meltdown (which he’s quite prone to at present, unfortunately). I do not however, want him to get to a stage where he demands it constantly and I can see that this is where we are heading.

The Man reminds me it will only be a week or so of discomfort for all until “dum-dum” is a distant memory, but I have my doubts. Nick is a very stubborn little man.  But the deed is done and we will find out soon enough.

As a parent is there something you’ve been reluctant to give up in favour of the path of least resistance? I’d love to hear your stories!



  1. I must say we had a fairly easy run getting rid of dummies with our 2 kids. Rachael was starting to want her dummy when she woke up not just when going to sleep, so when she was 17months & we had anoter baby on the way one night we just didn’t give it to her for bed. She fell asleep & apart from being a bit sooky the next day we haven’t had a problem.

    Andrew gave it back to me one day when he was 7months old and never took it again. I tried it a few times after that when he was upset but he never took it.

    Stick with your plan & hopefully it won’t take too long!
    Good luck!

    • Oh Kate lucky you! Will was similar to Rach – hardly noticed it once it was gone but exactly one week down with Nick and things are not getting any easier. I have been so tempted to go buy more dummies on several occasions but then I guess that’s exactly why I had to throw them away!

      Poor Nick is suffering night terrors as well at the moment (Will had them at the same age) so a dummy would certainly come in handy to sooth him at times like that. Oh well, no looking back now…

  2. I was adamant before having Mira that I was going to be an ‘anti-dummy mummy’ That all went down to drain the 2nd day Mira come into the world when Mira was in hospital and hadn’t slept an ounce since saying hello to the word (Nothing has changed!) The nurse took her away so I could get a rest and 4 hours later (!!!!) when I awoke, I went into the nurses station to find Mira peacefully sleeping with a dummy in her mouth! At first I was a little taken aback that the nurse hadn’t asked whether I was ok with this. But to see her finally getting some rest all my issues with those ‘ghastly drool plugs’ went down the drain.

    Mira is now coming up to 22 months and I am considering the ‘wean’. I must say she isn’t attached to it 24/7, thank goodness, it’s more the sleeps/naps and when she needs to chill out – I hate taking her out in public with one and she sucks and drools with it looking like a zombie, but meh! I have always said it’s easier to get rid of a dummy than a thumb!!

    One tip I heard about weaning with older children is to cut the tip off the dummy and tell them ‘It’s broken’..hmmm we’ll see, I know Mira is a bit like a dog with a bone with her dummies – she has them hiding everywhere, she’ll always find another one.

    I guess as I was saying earlier – the dummy is just another example how once you actually become a mother – most, well pretty much all your pre-concieved ideas, morals and intentions get thrown out the window – a bit like the dummies Mira throws over our deck. Our garden is blooming with pacifers!

    • Nick always had a stash. He still looks for them in his old hiding spots but we’ve managed to clear them all out (for better or for worse). Must say it’s been a tough week. Today he’s had about, oh… 5 mins sleep. I’m very tempted to come and take a walk in your garden and pick some “blooms” Al 😉

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