Collect Call

I was frantically finalising a document for submission when my mobile phone rang at 11.58am. I glanced at the screen and saw what every working mother dreads…the name of our daycare centre. A sick child requiring collection.

Not yet a full week into cold weather and the lurgy is upon us already. As much as I love winter, I hate the cold and flu season. My poor babies were plagued by illness last winter. We had a full 4 months of back to back bugs and far more antibiotics than I was comfortable with. Not to mention far more days off work than I was comfortable with too! Fortunately my boss is very understanding when it comes to such things however my mummy guilt and employee guilt clash terribly under such circumstances!

Perhaps next winter I will plan to take a few months long service over winter to appease my guilt on both fronts (what a smashing idea!) but for this afternoon I’ll try to enjoy the cuddles of my sick little man guilt-free.

Does your household suffer much illness over winter?


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