How is this progress?

Today is likely to be the last day I see my mountain. The house frame directly across the street is being built today and is going to block out the view completely.

When we first moved here the view from our back deck was gorgeous. Trees and mountains. Wallabies used to eat the grass along the side of our house and we used to get annoyed at the occasional weekend trail biker.

These days a road lies where the wallabies used to graze and our view has been replaced with rooftops.  Trail bikers have been replaced with hoons who constantly do burnouts in the new cul-de-sacs or ride go-karts down the hill next to our house.

It has been a long and depressing 2 years watching our little slice of heaven in the suburbs turn into yet another mass-produced housing estate. 20 acres of farmland has been replaced with 50 or so houses.

Hopefully we’ll move soon anyway, as we are quickly growing out of our little house, but where will we go? Probably a mass-produced housing estate… apparently you can’t stand in the way of progress.



  1. I remember when it used to feel like you needed to take a cut lunch to get there. No more!


  1. […] our neighbours have moved, the farm is now a development and the wallabies have found a new home. Things have changed immeasurably.  Our plan was to move […]

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