The quiet life

Today my house was quiet. My child cooperative and pleasant. It was lovely.

Notice I said “child” not “children”.

It’s quite amazing how one extra (little) person can change the dynamic of the house. Individually my boys tend to be chatty, cuddly, lovable creatures who are happy to amuse themselves, happy to play quiet games with mummy and are generally delightful.

Put them together, and quite bluntly, it’s like a pack of wild animals have been set loose with their focus alternating between killing each other and tearing the place apart.

Ok, they aren’t THAT bad. But gee-whiz they can be loud and boisterous!

Today, Will and I spent the day together under the pretense of not feeling well. We played on the computer, set an obstacle course up in the yard and had a picnic on the lawn under a gorgeous blue sky. He then happily played with the dog while I prepared dinner and lunches for tomorrow. How lovely to be calm and organised!

Then we collected Nick from kindy and it promptly all ended. Will is back to being cheeky and antagonistic and Nick, well, he’s just Nick.  At this very moment they are wrestling on the floor, which I’m sure is just proof of how much they missed each other.

The quiet was nice while it lasted.


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