Lucky undies

Did your mum, Nan or Great Aunty Ethel ever tell you it was lucky if you put your knickers on inside out?

I find this has been happening to me alot lately, but in my current sleep-deprived state I think the only lucky thing that’s happened is that I’ve remembered to put knickers on at all!!

My mum is full of these little gems. I grew up throwing pinches of spilt salt over my shoulder, avoiding walking under ladders and dreading crossed knives in case of an argument. I find these things fascinating on reflection and often wonder where they originated.

Are there any old wives tale that left an impression on you when you were little?



  1. Two things I remember all the time are (1) don’t open an umbrella in the house because it’s bad luck and (2) don’t put new shoes on a table even in a box because that’s also bad luck. Actually, there’s lots of these. The other ones include putting money in a wallet you give as a gift because it brings prosperity to the recipient and never give knives as a gift because it can sever a relationship.

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