Fridge Monster


This is our fridge monster. It lurks in the kitchen & sneakily prises open the fridge door when it thinks no-one is watching.

One can only assume he is in training for that undeniably male past time of standing in front of a jam packed fridge loudly declaring there is nothing to eat in the hope that some obliging female will come along & whip something up.

I discovered young Bam Bam could open the fridge one morning when I was having a little sleep-in, under the impression the kids were being supervised by The Man. I was rudely woken by a whack on the head with a milk carton. Thirsty was the message I got. I guess I should be grateful it wasn’t the toaster!



  1. Thanks for the giggle.. I needed it this morning 🙂

  2. Oh, so true Neesay! It’s definitely a male thing. My son takes after his father, that’s for sure. i don’t think my daughter has opened the fridge door once in her 6.5 years.

    Anne xx

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