Ginger and a little red…

Project vegie garden has been running at our house for some time. I can take absolutely no credit for it. My husband and first born are responsible for all the homegrown goodness that comes into this house (or not – a lot gets eaten straight from the garden, which is also good, as long as it gets washed!).

I must admit they have done very well, even if I do love to tease my husband for the sometimes random nature of his crops. He assures me there is always method to his madness.

The boys setting up one of the gardens early last year.

This afternoon’s bounty has been long anticipated. A beautiful harvest of fresh ginger and parsnips.


Recently, a dear friend was the victim of a little online ordering mishap (easily done) and had ordered what she thought was 3 carrots from Coles but ended up with 3 x 3kg bags instead.  I have done this with Brussel Sprouts before – nowhere near as versatile as carrots and much harder to offload to friends and family!

In any case, I was very grateful for a delivery of surplus carrots as the are my boys’ favourite. I couldn’t let all this yummy fresh goodness go to waste so I went scouring the biggest recipe book on earth (the net) for an accompaniment to the roast pork I had planned for this evening.  I came across this recipe for Whole Roasted Carrots with Fresh Ginger. I popped in the parsnips and a spanish onion as well.

OMG! How very yummy scrummy! I’d like to have taken a pic of the gourmet feast but unfortunately the plates were spinning before I got a chance. Even the boys loved the ginger flavour in the carrots (their preferred accompaniment being honey) and it was the perfect match for the pork.

That and a lovely Pinot Noir, of course…

Cheers 🙂

PS. Have just found out I won a copy of the Vegie Smugglers cookbook courtesy of More Than A Mummy!  Looking forward to discovering new ways to use our homegrown goodies.



  1. I just read this entry! Gave me a good giggle… must give that recipe a whirl!

  2. Hi Nee. I don’t know what’s more amazing with this story. The fact that your kids ate carrots with ginger or your husband is growing the vegies! Half your bloody luck on both counts!!! LOL

    Congratulations on the win!

    Anne @ Domesblissity

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