Baking Day

There is nothing quite like an afternoon baking with the offspring to leave me feeling vaguely homicidal.

I know kids love baking. I know it’s great for them to be involved and to learn. I’m just way too much of a control freak to be really into the whole flour going everywhere, opps the spoon went on the floor and then back in the bowl, did you just stick your finger in your nose AND THEN IN THE MIXTURE ??? type thing.

You know what I’m saying. I’m a bad mother.

The good thing about the stress and mess of this particular scenario is, of course, the end result.  Today we baked a very yummy and simple (mandatory criteria) biscuit recipe courtesy of Fat Mum Slim. You can find the recipe here. Essentially its butter, condensed milk, sugar and self-raising flour. As I said, easy!

The batter makes a zillion cookies so I halved it and used the left over condensed milk to make… ummm…caramel fudge.  What? It would have been a waste otherwise!!

Anyhoo… the other thing I love about this recipe is that you can add whatever you want. I had a heap of bits left over from various culinary projects so I let the boys go for it (as much as a control freak can) so we ended up with sprinkles, chocolate melts and rainbow choc bits, as well as couple of variations on jam drops – one with raspberry jam and one with my Pop’s homemade lemon butter.

So, it may have been a little bit traumatic while the scooping and the spreading and the slooshing was happening, but we all survived and have 30+ cookies and a slab of caramel fudge to show for it.

 All’s well that ends well.

Now where’s that fudge…

How did you spend your Sunday afternoon?



  1. Stacey-Lee says:

    Hehehe that biscuit recipe must have gone viral, I saw it somewhere else and this very afternoon was doing the very same thing xept didn’t have any leftover condensed milk – lucky u to have fudge 2. I too am a control freak in the kitchen (amongst other things) so waited till Master 3 was napping and Miss nearly 7 was otherwise occupied. I did however cringingly let my control slip the other night and let Master 10 help with dinner and not just fetch this, fetch that like normally would but let him loose with a sharp knife – I was having heart palpitations as I looked on but really if I want him 2 grow up and fend for himself I gotta loosen the apron strings some time right?? P.S. I see no signs of flour everywhere nor snot in your biscuits ;D

    • That’s the beauty of snot, it blends right in.

      I may allow my boys to use sharp knives by the time they can drive. Not that I plan on being their chief cook for that long – here’s hoping they can live off 5 min noodles & bottled pasta sauce 😉

  2. Must’ve been the day for it Nee. I had a baking afternoon too. Kids helped me roll Melting Moments and a Banana & Walnut Cake. Do you believe I found a couple bananas in the freezer? Like I’d won the lotto. Kids say “Mummy, what’s that strange taste in the cake?” Poor things are having banana cravings! LOL (I’m a bit of a control freak in the kitchen too but they do love it . They eat more of the raw mix than the actual biscuits! LOL)

    Anne xx

    • Wow banana cake? Lucky you! My boys have been asking for banana cake for months. They couldn’t understand why I was so horrified when they suggested that fate for the two measley little lady fingers I splurged on last week. Enjoy!

  3. I love the variety of biscuits you made..I usually pump out about 30 of just one kind..but you have made so many different flavours and looks..great! I can’t believe you made caramel fudge as well..definitely some over acheiving going on in that

    • Oh the fudge was definitely worth it but super easy so I don’t think I deserve bonus points for it. Over achieving would be folding the four baskets of washing I surreptitiously avoided while eating the fudge 😉

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