Grateful for… My Bed!!

I’m running a little late with my gratitude post this week due to a rare overnight stay with my hubby sans kids.

You heard right! After much negotiation and logistical consideration, we managed to get the kids taken care of and we headed off for a grown up night out in the big smoke. 

An overnight stay in a hotel affords me two little luxuries: a few glasses of wine (I’m ALWAYS the driver) AND a sleep in. 

No worrying about if the dog gets on the couch in the middle of the night.  No cats fighting in the hallway at 3 am. No pre-dawn alarm clock courtesy of The Man. No live wire kids bombarding me at 5.30am before I’ve had the bare minimum caffeine intake required to facilitate semi-human functioning. 

In short: Bliss!

The only problem is that I can’t sleep in a hotel room bed. I don’t know exactly why but am guessing it’s a combination of a hard mattress, uncomfortable pillows and very suspect bed coverings (I used to work in a DNA lab – I know what can be found on a supposedly “clean”  hotel room duvet!)

Not the hotel room we stayed in!

I wish, along with my GHD & the kitchen sink, I could pack my bed when I go away. My beautiful soft, warm bed, in all it’s king-size watery glory.

I love that no matter how many times I get up in the night, it’s always waiting for me to snuggle straight back in.  I love the guilty pleasure of rolling over into that perfect space in the middle as soon as The Man vacates.

For this trip away I did take my favourite pillow in the hope that it would help me sleep, but alas. Although, now that I think of it, the fact the room was spinning quite a bit when I first laid down may have had something to do with my discomfort?

In any case, I got to stay in bed until the unheard of time of 9am which more than made up for tossing & turning for a few hours early in the piece.

I also was allowed to have a lie-in this morning in my own little bower. Bliss x2!

Very grateful for sleep ins & very grateful for my bed!

What are you grateful for this week? Don’t forget to pop over to Maxabella loves… for some more thankful thoughts.

Image courtesy of  We Heart It



  1. Nee

    You must try those Cherry Ripe Cookies, if you’re a Cherry Ripe fan. I wouldn’t roll them in coconut like I did. If I was to make them again, I’d put a little coconut on the inside. Because it toasted when it cooked it slightly altered the flavour I was looking for. Still good though, and fudgey (is that a word? LOL).

    I won’t even ask about iphone related injury. I told another blogger today that I think I was suffering from a bit of ‘iphone envy’ when I wrote that post, like a spoilt little brat. Maybe deep down I do want one so I can get me some of those cool apps. Yes Nee. I think our husbands were conjoined twins separated at birth. LOL)

    Anne x

  2. I’m the same. I LOVE to get away when we can (rare, but anticipated) but I can never sleep away from my lovely bed. Sigh. x

  3. I love date nights with hubby and if they last all night then even better!!!!

  4. Half your bloomin’ luck Nee! Sounds like you had a lovely time, except for the uncomfortable sleep. Oh, the sacrifices we make! LOL


  5. I so know what you mean – I just love my bed so much too! Stopped by from maxabella – your blog is lovely. x

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