Grateful for…a whole lot

Well this week has been hectic, frustrating and draining but on reflection I find I’m grateful for a lot of things, without which it could have been a whole lot worse.

1. Australia Post – I know. Strange huh?  Never thought I’d find myself saying it but it’s true.  I love shopping online and think it’s a great way to purchase gifts, but this week I left my run a little late. It was a close call but the poster and the postie both came through for me & I received my item today in time for gifting to a very special someone tomorrow!

.la douleur exquise.

2. Consciencous work mates – few & far between where I work, but those few are awesome and have saved me a lot of hassle by covering my training sessions for the rest of the days I don’t normally work. No more last minute babysitters required!

3. Male parental figure at my house (aka The Man) – without whom a certain monster would rule the roost. Not sure why, but I have absolutely no control over Bam Bam. We have a trashed bedroom &  scratches on my arm after today’s attempts to get him to nap which stand testimony to this!  The Man, on the other hand, just says the word & he’s asleep. My theory is that they speak the same language. Go figure.

4. Microwaves – without which I would not still be drinking a hot coffee which was originally made 4 hours ago.

And last, but definitely not least…

5. Red wine & chocolate – no further elaboration required.

What are you grateful for this week? Don’t forget to pop over to Maxabella loves… for some more thankful thoughts.

Beautiful gift image courtesy of We Heart It.



  1. A little jump of excitement always grabs me when I see the parcel man outside..anticipation!

    • I know! Lately it’s been my husband’s wine deliveries though so it was nice to be for me for a change. Not that I don’t partake in a fair share of the wine 😉

  2. love red wine and chocolate – especially with girly company! and exciting mail (ie not bills) always makes my day .. lovely post. hope you don’t mind a new follower .. x

  3. Great gratefuls!

  4. Not strange at all. I LOVE Aust Post. The whole idea that I can send a little something across Australia for about $1.80 for a little package is just amazing to me. AMAZING. x

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