The Soccer Star & the Super Coach

Things seem constantly hectic here of late, but when I think on it, it’s predominantly normal life stuff like work, sick kids and broken hot water systems.

Today was the first day back for the Wilful One’s soccer term. He loves it so much and it’s such a great bonding time for him and his dad.

I’m so glad I managed to snap these few shots today as Bam Bam and I will not be attending again for some time.  Trying to occupy a very headstrong toddler for 50 mins is very tiring, particularly when he’s extremely vocal about not being allowed to play on the rather dangerous “big kids” play equipment and just wants to run onto the field with his brother and daddy. 

I spent a good 20 minutes back at the car waiting for him to calm down after dragging him across the oval screaming “NO WAY! NO WAY!!”.   I’m sure if other parents didn’t know better, they would suspect I was trying to murder him (the thought was only fleeting, I promise).  Nothing like a little child-induced public humiliation on a Sunday morning.

How did you spend your Sunday morning? Relaxing, I hope!



  1. It must be a boy thing. We spent Sunday at church but it was a different service outside, picnic etc. Super fun! But within 10 minutes of being there my son threw a fit because he wanted to go in the bounce house WITH his shoes on when the sign clearly said they had to be off. He came around though. It was tense for a few moments though. 🙂
    ps-As a mom, you might be interested in this link: A Mom’s Guide to Little Teeth ( It has tips for what to do if your child loses a tooth or if it gets damaged in some way – very helpful for living with boys, I think!

  2. Oh Nee! I remember those days well. (They still happen often and my boy is nearly 5!) I know it feels hugely embarassing but now when I see other women going through it, I feel 100% supportive and know exactly how it feels. You just wish they could act like a human being for an hour so you can enjoy a family morning out. Nuh! Toddlers have other ideas! You did well. Nice to see your older boy and Dad bonding.

    Anne xx

    • Thanks Anne, nice to know I’m not alone! I’ll stay at home in my PJs with Dora on the box & a coffee in hand next week 🙂

      It was all worth it though, these pics of my other 2 boys really make me smile.

      Hope you are feeling better x

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