Grateful that… there’s an app for that!

I love my iPad but must admit I don’t use it as much as I thought I would when I was dropping hints to my husband last xmas (ok it was more like desperate pleading & begging. But it worked!)

I use it to surf, Facebook, blog and there’s a few kids games on it. Basically everything I use my iPhone for – just bigger.

That was up until I picked up a camera connection kit a couple of weeks back. Previously I rarely had photos on my iPad (it’s only a lowly first generation one – sans camera). Since getting this nifty little connection I’ve been downloading my pics straight to the iPad and playing around with some funky photo editing apps.

I’m now constantly playing with my iPad – my kids are my favourite photographic subject, of course, and I love showcasing their snaps. 

I’m still trialing various apps and haven’t progressed past the free versions yet, but these are the ones I love so far:

1. Diptic – handy little app that combines your pics into a single frame. There are a number of layouts you can choose from including some available through in-app purchase. You have the ability to change the colour and thickness of the frame border and do minor edits to the photo eg. brightness.   You can share via email, Facebook & Flickr. 

Diptic is a simple app which I think is great for combining pics with no fuss. I like to use it to share pics on Facebook, as rather than people having to click through heaps of photos, you can showcase the highlights in one pic.

2. Photoshop Express – a nice basic editing app that let’s you crop, rotate, change contrast, exposure and focus. It also has effects like vignette blur, vintage warm and pop (below).  It has 8 simple borders to choose from as well.  You can share via Facebook and PS online. There are in-app purchases for iPad 2 (but being an iPad pleb, I don’t know anything about those ;P)

3. Fotolr Photo Studio – is by far my favourite. It has more features than I will ever use.  You can do all sorts of funky edits to your pics including colour effects, adding background scenes, changing skin, lip and eye colour and even add mustaches!  The frames and text are what I mainly use this app for (great for watermarking blog pics). In-app sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and email is possible at a single click (tap).

A very simple to use app. I’ve also just downloaded the Fotolr Album app which facilitates sharing between devices. This will also be very handy as I currently email pics from my iPhone to my iPad.

Now… use them all together and you can do something like this…

As I have previously mentioned, creativity and technical aptitude are not personal strengths. I would hate for my photos just to sit on my camera or laptop looking ordinary.

So I am very grateful that there’s an app for that!

PS. This is not a paid review – I’m just joining up with Maxabella loves… thankful thoughts.



  1. Totally agree. I love my iPad and it is with me most of the time.

    I have played with the Photoshop Express app but not the other two … I will I will download and have a play.

  2. I’ve really gotta get an iPad!

    But then, I’m newly addicted to Instagram and that is going to hold me for a while, I think. Thank you iPhone! x

  3. Jealous! I’d love an iPad but haven’t taken that tecnological step yet {boring ol Nokia phone too}.
    If the ‘begging husband’ thing truly works, maybe I should get in early and ‘start hinting’ for Dec now! 😉

    • I did put in a couple of months worth of “hints”. My hubby is also notorious for buying extravagant gifts when nothing else meaningful springs to mind. I got lucky!

      Don’t knock the nokia. They rock 🙂

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