The Procrastination Gene


“Very sorry running late”

If my friends received a dollar for every time they received this text message from me they would be rich (and would no doubt invite me over more often).

Once upon a time, I used to be organised. In fact, at work I still manage some semblance of organisation and punctuality. Put me in a social setting and I’m more than hopeless.

I blame the Procrastination Gene. My father has is. My aunt has it. My grandma has it. There is simply no escaping the fact that a susceptibility to distraction induced tardiness runs strong in my veins. It is getting worse with age.

Mornings are the worst. I’m definitely not a morning person and it takes quite a while for me to become fully functional. Add cold weather and other people to organise and any slim chance of punctuality will be buried somewhere under a rumpled doona or half finished bowl of cereal.  Throw an obsession with social media into the mix and all hope is lost.

Having  insight into the problem helps and I manage to implement strategies to help minimise the problem some of the time.  But even if I’m super organised (like this morning for a playdate with Miss Moo & her boys) often a false sense of security will open the door for a little procrastination, I overestimate how much time I’ve got to abuse my snooze button and/or underestimate how long it takes to get clothes onto an uncooperative man-child. The next thing I know I’ve lost half an hour and am scrambling to get out the door.

The Wilful One worries me.  The Procrastination Gene is strong in that one at such an early age. How will I ever teach him to overcome a genetic predisposition to faff around when I cannot master it myself?


This can be such an embarrassing and socially debilitating condition. Perhaps a some sort of support group is in order.

Hello, my name is Nee and I am a Procrastinator.

To all my long-suffering friends & family – I’m sorry and thank you for your continued patience.

Do you or someone you love have the Procrastination Gene?



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  1. Now I am feel much better after spending over 24 hours mortifying about why did I make my family run late for my husband’s partner’s daughter’s wedding ceremony. It was not because I am being disrespectful or do not care about other people, but i just can’t help squeeze in things to do with my little time. I usually can do lot of things fast, but would have a problem to limit the number of tasks that I need to stick to for a day. And yet, at the end of the day I usually get the least important things done but leave the big task. Because I wanted to complete the important task perfectly so I choose to push it for the next day when I have all the little tasks clear up ( I never did). And so I keep pushing those important tasks on and on till the last minute to do sloppy jobs or just running LATE!
    The scary part is that I am start to see that behavior in my older son. Is procrastination inherit? Is there a good way to break this?

  2. Oh, hello… *waves*

    That’s me!

    I’m terrible. My boys are running late to school most days – and we live on the same street. It’s partly because they faff, but partly because I get them going too late. I almost always leave things to the last minute. Gah!

    Let me know if that support group starts up, will you?

  3. We are from the same gene pool!!! x

  4. Blogs need a simple “like” button just like facebook… that way, you’d know I was here, I liked your work… but because I have the concentration span of a flea, I wouldn’t have to stay in one place too long to type out a long winded message you might not actually want to read. 😛

    Truth is, my concentration span is as debilitating as your procrastination gene!

    Love your work sunshine… keep it coming 🙂

  5. I suffer from the debilitating form of procrastination-distractionus, for example I was in the middle of unpacking the dishwasher when I thought of responding to your blog. Rather than wait until I was finished I have abandoned the half finished job, dishwasher left open to come and sit at the computer. As I started to unpack the dishwasher I grabbed a tea towel and noticed it needed to go into the wash so walked off, again dishwasher left open and unattended, to start putting clothes in the wash basket. That has been left abandoned in the boys room, with the hope that the clothes will make their way into the washing machine before nightfall, though the chances are slim. Not sure what distracted me at that point, though it may have been the lure of crafting a Sith or two out of pillows and cushions for the boys to fight with their light sabers. I seem to have the ability to start a task and not complete it through the distraction of another tantlising task to begin and leave half finished. Makes me feel very busy, but it’s not very fulfilling when at the end of the day I realise that I have managed to finish nothing!! Or when I am going to a friends place or decide I am going to collect the boys from day care early….as soon as I check something on the internet and then an hour or more later I realise that I am now very late. I feel this pain daily and can empathise with your plight. At least we have small children and people forgive us our tardiness assuming that it was indeed the small child that made us late ;))

  6. Oh Yes. I’m hearing you on the procrastination! But if you makes you feel better, with much more on, somehow I am more organised. Still late, but just not as bad as before 😉

    How is it that with more on, that I’m more organised. Now THAT is weird!

    What a lovely place you have here!


    • So kind of you for saying so! And perhaps that is my problem – I don’t get out enough so am out of practice? Mental note: do more stuff! 😉

  7. Ummmm, that would be me (raises hand). I’m not usually late Nee but always procrastinating about what needs to be done. I’d spend all day plotting what needs to be done, complaining about, wondering how I’m ever going to get through it and get it done. I first saw that picture of the watch on the arm and thought it read ‘latte’. I thought, “what”? Latte? Procrastination? Isn’t that an oxymoron? LOL

    Anne xx

    • Lol Latte & Late are probably the two words you’ll find under “Nee” in the dictionary 😉

      I’m always putting off today what can be done tomorrow!


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