Why I’m seeing (& wearing) red for Daniel Morcombe

Daniel Morcombe Foundation (official page)

In a past life I worked in a forensic lab. I’ve read first hand accounts of horrendous crimes and handled blood stained clothing and weapons. I’ve seen dead bodies, typed postmortem reports and dealt with coroners, police and grieving relatives.

I found the work interesting and fulfilling but I always said I could never work there after having kids. The last few days have proved why.

Something happens when u become a parent. You become inexplicably linked to all other parents through the shared experience of having a child. When you bring a life into this world you want nothing more than to love it and keep it safe. Every time something bad happens to another child your heart breaks a little, not just for that child and family, but because it shows us that our worst fears really can come true.

Daniel Morcombe went missing 4 years before my first child was born. I’m ashamed to admit I wasn’t very effected at the time. Maybe I thought he had just runaway. Perhaps I had become a little immune to crime and tragedy. I think it is mainly because I was not looking through the eyes of a parent.

It was only through watching the news coverage of the inquest and in recent days the arrest of the suspected perpetrator, that I have become so acutely aware and emotionally effected by what happened to Daniel.

The Morcombes are amazing people. Through their plight they have found the strength to do an invaluable service to our community by raising awareness on child safety through the Daniel Morcombe Foundation and have truly created a lasting legacy for their son.

That beautiful boy is in the mind of parents everywhere as they kiss their child goodbye for school and tuck them safe in their bed at night.

I hope that the next few days brings news that Daniel can be put to rest, that his family can have closure and that the miscreant who did this can be put behind bars to rot.

My boys and I are wearing red for Daniel today. I hope you are too.



  1. So well said. Being a parent really does make it hit home. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Completely heartbreaking. I can imagine why you’d feel the way you do, given your work history.

    • I enjoyed the work but children & babies were definitely the hardest part. I may be a slightly overprotective parent but with very good reason!

  3. Since having kids I can cry at a huggies ad.

    But never could I have coped with all that you did pre kids. Tough work.

    • Huggies ads are tear jerkers for all mums! I’m a shocker for crying at the TV – one of the reasons I never watch the news.

      My time in forensics was awesome but def not everyone’s cup of tea.

  4. It is true, as parents you take it personally, the fear strikes at the very core of you. Great post. Jo x

  5. Ms Styling You says:

    Oh, Nee, this is such a different perspective and you’re right – before we become parents we look at situations like this differently. Thanks for sharing your story and linking up.

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