My new business venture


Kindy Sand Buy Back Scheme.

Reckon I’d make a killing.



  1. Yes Yes Yes – can we go into partnership?? Between the kinder and our own sandpit I’m forever sweeping the stuff up. Noise Idea!!

    • Horrendous stuff isn’t it? It gets everywhere. I dread to think of the mountains of it under the covers of the kids car seats. Oh well, at least it will give the resident ant colony somewhere to live while they munch on all the arrowroot crumbs!

  2. LOL Nee! That’s hilarious. I still find it in the pockets of my son’s jeans, after they’ve been washed AND after they’ve been put away in the cupboard. You’d make a bloody fortune, I reckon! LOL

    Anen xx

    • My bathroom floor & laundry basket are always full of the stuff!! We’ve implemented a strict pocket emptying policy & it still finds its way in!

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