Control Issues? I know…


I know I have control issues.

I’ve always called myself a control freak although I like to think that generally I’m  pretty easy going. Certainly when things are far bigger than me, I have no desire to seize control. There’s nothing worse than a control freak with delusions of grandeur!

I just get hung up on the little things. And boy do kids make my control centre go on red alert. Toilet training, defiant behaviour, self feeding… all make me twitchy. Don’t even get me started on craft. Eeeek!

But as I get older wiser I find my need for control abating slightly. (This is possibly due to the increasing dominance of the procrastination gene). I also know my kids have taught me a lot about myself and my need for control.

I know giving birth to a mini control freak teaches you a lot about letting go. Seeing yourself in action is a real eye opener and to teach him to chill out, I need to model that behaviour.

I know giving birth to an out-of -control freak forces you to let go.  Sometimes it’s much easier to go with the flow and clean up the mess later. (It’s also helpful when your mini-me is helping to clean up right along side of you!)

Are you the go-with the flow type or do you have a few control issues like me?

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  1. I know my two year old’s need for control really pushes my buttons!

  2. luluhughes says:

    I really truly agree with the words in the image that goes with this blog entry 🙂

  3. I am more laid back than controlling, though I do like things to be done my way. I suffer greatly from that procrastination gene you speak of. I sincerely hope it does not worsen with age as it is already a major cause for concern here

  4. I find the control thing comes out when I don’t like how a situation might turn out, or when I have reached my limit. Also I like things done well, not half arsed but as time has gone on I have learned that it is really nice to accept the way other people do things and deal with my own discomfort. Sometimes things are non-negotiable with my children but depending on the circumstances there is choice within limits and consequences too. I am trying to teach them that I am the boss, their needs will be met, not always first, but they will be tended too.

  5. Putting my hand up as a control freak! My daughter is fairly laid back, like her dad. Although, I’ll be interested to see how the youngest turns out! 🙂

  6. I’m a contradiction. There are some things which I am a complete control freak about and there are other things that I just let happen. And I know that, even though I am not one or the other both of my daughters manage to test both parts of me.

  7. LOL, I am both! Was cursing mum and mil for both doing messy things in my house but then I saw how messy other parts of my house are! Have to control some things to the nth degree, then others, far more important, I can just let go! I think it’s a woman’s prerogative to be so contrary. Well, that’s my story…

    • I agree completely! I get so anal about little things like how the boys jigsaw puzzles should be put away but then the rest of the house looks like a bombsite most of the time. I wear control blinkers sometimes 😉

  8. I am a control freak sometimes too, especially when I feel like I have none – that’s when I’m at my worst.

  9. Nee, I hear you loud and clear. I’m the same. My boy is a control freak, like me and my daughter is out of control. I had to have a lot of therapy to get through those early years of being a parent, let me tell you! LOL

    Anne xx


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