Grateful for day dreams

It’s been a bit of a rough week. As a coping mechanism I’ve found myself doing a spot of day dreaming. It is with much gratitude that I skip out of reality sometimes!

I’d like to think of it as enhancing one’s life through the power of positive thinking. Realistically though, it’s just plain wishful thinking. 

Step into my fantasy land:

The Man (who for day dreaming purposes is sometimes David Boreanaz) is gainfully employed in a lucrative pursuit that makes him happy.

I am not only maintaining a very witty and successful blog, but also writing regular submissions for several popular publications.

The boys are enrolled in a prestigious, but not pretentious, local school that has amazing music, performing arts and sporting curriculums as well as a very nice P & C.

We live in a modest but palatial house by the water (where I have my own bathroom – no sharing!). We have a house keeper, Joyce, who does the ironing, minds the kids while I’m getting my hair done and has been known to whip up a sumptuous 5 course dinner at short notice.

Our humble abode is in a very private location but still, of course, in walking distance to the local cafe, farmer’s markets and school.

This is fortunate because my personal trainer is world renowned for discovering an innovative weight loss technique which simply involves walking a little and doing the things you enjoy most each day.  Needless to say, with all the latte drinking and ocean gazing, I’m looking very svelte and toned.

Oh, and I drive a BMW X5 (no, I am not a wanker but you can’t expect a girl to walk everywhere).

I know it’s all very materialistic faff and I really am grateful for my humble home and life of privilege, but sometimes it’s nice to dream, right?

What do you daydream about?

 Oh and while you’re day dreaming, don’t forget to visit Maxabella loves…for more thankful thoughts.





Images thanks to google and BMW.



  1. I like your daydream. I would love to have a Joyce. We all need a Joyce – she’s basically the wife we all want to have! x

  2. Hi there! I have to say, I love to day dream too….and I think your day dreams are fantastic! The thing about day dreams, as I believe, is that they allow you to create another reality for yourself. To create the life you want to live, in your mind, and then to go out there and manifest that dream. Keep on living the day dreams, they will come true, I know it!

    Checking you out from Maxabella Loves Grateful Linky….it was your title that caught my eye!

    • Well I do truly hope you are right although I dare say my dreams are ambitious at best! I’ll keep wishing & dreaming though. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Oh Nee, that is so gorgeous! I love to daydream too. But really love it when my real world and dream world collide! The best of both worlds.

    Your dreams sure do sound wonderful though 😉


  4. lol that was great.. heehee I too daydream about the housekeeper.. and dream of a holiday! good on you! 😛 I do like David in Bones.. very nice 😉

  5. LOL Nee. That’s way too funny. I have that same dream. Maybe we’ll catch up for a latte in Fantasy Land next Tuesday if you’re free. We can leave the kids with Joyce, grab a manicure and an extremely overpriced, waste of money treatment at the day spa, while David ‘whatever his name is’ (we don’t have the same taste in men unfortunately LOL) washes your BMW and my Maserati. LOL See you at 10? LOL

    Anne xx

  6. So that’s not your life? Oh, I was mistaken! Hehe! A bit of daydreaming is good for the soul. xx

  7. Day dream away! No harm in it at all. I particularly like the part about Joyce…can I have her in my day dream too? She sounds just fab.

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