I know I’ll never get in a quickie

Shower that is. I know for a fact that there are not many quick showers happening in my world.

You see I have the misfortune of always being the last through the shower in the evening.  Regardless of my intentions, every shower I have ends up being a 30 minute foray into the land of lost socks and waterlogged bath toys.

Not this type of waterlogged bath toy.

Especially on weekdays, I know I won’t get to the shower until after the mad rush of getting the kids in the door, bathed, fed and put to bed.

And when I get there I know this is how it will all pan out:

  • Me: “I’m off for a quick shower.”   
  • The Man: “Yeah, right.”
  • Enter bathroom.
  • Pick up The Man’s work clothes from floor and deposit them in his clothes basket in the laundry (yes it’s been guaranteed – with very good reason).
  • Return to bathroom.
  • Pick up children’s clothes from floor.
  • Empty pockets of sand, tissues, bits of rock and matchbox cars.
  • Look for one missing toddler-sized sock.
  • Clip all socks together with Sockodiles (amazing sanity saver).
  • Walk to kitchen to retrieve dustbuster to suck up an entire sandpit from the bathroom floor. 
  • Return dustbuster to charger. 
  • Go back to bathroom.  
  • Clean up the toothpaste explosion in bathroom sink.
  • Empty and disinfect potty.
  • Empty bathtub of waterlogged bath toys and deposit them in the now-sparkling sink to drain.
  • Hang up non-slip shower mats. 
  • HAVE MY FREAKING SHOWER!!   If I’m lucky there might even be some hot water left. Heaven forbid that I may want to shave my legs or wash my hair.
  • Empty sink of now drained bath toys and return them to their homes.
  • Take a load of soaking towels and face washers to the laundry.
  • Flop on the couch.
  • The Man: “What’s taken you so long? You’ve been faffing around for ages!”
Piccsy :: picc

What's really in my shower!

Argh!  I know I can’t be the only woman to live out this frustrating shower saga EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. 

Please tell me if you share my pain!!

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  1. See, Nee – you need to get some domestic beer goggles like me (hubby may have some – ask him). These enable me to:
    1. Step OVER the pile of clothes and wet towels
    2. Look bewilderedly at the single sock and throw it in my “it’ll turn up later” pile I’ve got going.
    3. Put the rest of the clothes in the hampers remaining blissfully unaware of the randomness contained within *
    4. Splash some water half-heartedly at the toothpaste encrusted sink with one hand while brushing my teeth with the other.
    5. Push the bath toys aside with one foot just after testing the water temp with it.
    6. Have shower and exit – good as gold in under 10 minutes! (I’m sure with one of your brand of bath toy I could stretch it to 15 ;-P ).

    * Not recommended – I have a pock-marked tumble dryer due to this particular oversight

    • lol! Hubby definitely has this type of domestic beer goggles!!! I promise to work on my technique taking your guidelines into consideration 😉

  2. Hot shower? What’s that again?
    Oh yeah, that’s what single, childless people get every. single. day.
    I can’t remember the last time I got to enjoy one of those!

  3. I hear ya sister! And sign me up for one of those bath toys will ya! LOL

    Same, same, same. I’ve gotten past the bath mat but the toothpaste! OMG! I go through a tube of that stuff in a week Nee and half of it is on the vanity (or in my bra in the dirty clothes basket LOL). Damn kids! LOL I also have to dig out the shoes, toys, rocks etc from the dirty clothes basket. If you’ve lost anything in my house, search the dirty clothes basket.

    Anne xx

    • I’ve started patting them down at the door. They’ll know the drill if they ever have to go through a metal detector when they are older 😉

  4. I hear you.

    And I know it shouldn’t have taken me THAT long to look at, ahem, I mean, read your blog post.

  5. That’s why I now have my own bathroom. And I shower in the morning and insist that the kids have their showers/baths in the evening. Otherwise it just takes too bloody long!

  6. Hehe!! The headline got me in… 😉
    So far the little people aren’t too bad at keeping the bathroom clear, so showers are quickies in our house. Although, I must admit, living in Tassie and never having been on water restrictions, I find it really hard to have SHORT showers once the water is turned on! Bliss… 😉

    • It seems like a hot topic at the moment (I’m not talking about the showers here) and I now have even more inspiration for hot titles thanks to Mum PR 😉

      And I love a long hot shower when I can get one!

  7. that would have to be one of the best waterlogged bath toys I have ever come across. You would never want to get out if that was in there.

  8. As I read this I am waiting for a shower. By myself, so I can wash my hair. Yeah, we’ll see lol.

    Our water is plumbed out to the lawn and the hub is mowing so I can’t shower til that’s done, and I am HANGING OUT! Feel stinky and icky and have things to do!!

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