Cherish Your Cherubs: Remember

This week’s Cherish Your Cherubs project subject is “Remember”. I’ve been trying to think of an outstanding special moment for each of the boys to write about but there are so many to choose from. I’ve decided to write about my most favourite family memory to date.

Christmas Holidays 2010

We stayed in a beach front apartment at Moffat Beach, Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast.  This was our first real holiday away with just the four of us for one whole week. It was one of the best holidays I’ve ever had.  Every day we played in the park, walked along the beach, built sand castles, splashed in the waves and swam in the pool.

I will always remember it as the holiday where Will learnt to swim (dog paddle) all by himself and Nick had his first ever milkshake (the beginning of a life long obsession, no doubt).  We played 100 games of snakes and ladders and ate sausages almost every night.

We were relaxed. We were happy. We enjoyed each others company.

Most of all, I will always remember this holiday as bursting full with promises of so many wonderful family holidays to come.



  1. Love it! Family holidays are so important and love that you chilled out and hang out together playing games and eating sausages. How awesome! Love a milkshake fan – we adore them in our house. thanks so much for sharing your memory and for linking up with us. N x

  2. So lovely. Am yet to get away with all my boys, cannot wait until we can do so.

  3. Holidays make some of the best memories. Kids are always so much fun on holidays (and we as parents much more relaxed)…..which maybe rubs off on kids!

  4. What a lovely holiday. Gee we need a holiday. I want ome memories like that!

  5. What lovely memories, snakes and ladders and sausages! Getting away as a family is so important!

    • It certainly is, although next time snakes and ladders might have to be left a home in preference for something slightly less frustrating 🙂


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