Cherish Your Cherubs: Interview

Well it’s Monday again (already?) and it’s time for the latest installment of the Cherish Your Cherubs Project. I must say I faced this week’s exercise with a fair amount of trepidation.  Interviewing my eldest Cherub is not an easy task. Give me Lady Gaga or Mariah Carey or some other high maintenance celeb any day!!

The Wilful One is hard to interview for a number of reasons.  Firstly, the whole process had to be low key as any hint of being involved in a serious activity sends my normally level-headed preschooler completely troppo. The sheer excitement at the prospect of being involved in something that vaguely resembles a grown-up activity really is too much for him. 

Secondly, it’s very hard to get a straight answer out of this child at the best of times. Every response is thoroughly considered. If options are given, he will create alternative options.  Even determining what he wants on toast for breakfast is a long winded process full of pros and cons, usually ending in several rounds of toast with a rainbow of toppings. Or if I’m not feeling charitable, he’ll get vegemite. And is usually just as happy *sigh*

Sooo…. here is the “interview” that was carried out under the guise of a casual breakfast conversation over the rainbow toast that was this morning’s offering.

We had a big weekend, how are you feeling?

Fine. I had a big sleep, you know.

What did you like most about Kai’s birthday party on Saturday?

Playing the Wii games.  Oh, and the shark cake. {The “Wii games” were actually arcade games – the party was at Timezone. And it turns out Kai’s mum is a cake decorator who made an awesome Great White cake which was obviously a big hit with my shark loving son}

Do you think Daddy had a good Father’s Day?


What do you love best about Daddy?

Giving him cuddles & when he rockets me into bed. {The fastest way to get the dawdling preschooler into the top bunk}

It was great to see your cousins yesterday. What was the best bit about that?

Playing hungry frogs with Angus. {Wish I’d caught a snap of this – it was a very serious business & super cute. Hungry frogs is a version of Hungry Hippos – not sure if hungry frogs is the actual name though!}

What was your favourite part of  yesterday?

Playing pool with Grandy. I love Grandy.

What’s your favourite game to play?

My Leapster, the Wii and doing Reading Eggs. Oh and your iPhone and iPad. {Shall we just say technology?}

What’s your favourite food?

Cupcakes and bananas with peanut butter. Can I have one of those Father’s Day star cookies? {I do love this recipe from Donna Hay}

Suffice to say, things deteriorated rather rapidly after the breakfast time cookie request and the interview was promptly ended.

For the sake of equality, I did try to interview Bam Bam as well. This is as far as I got:

What’s your favourite thing to eat?


What’s your favourite thing to play?


What’s your favourite thing to do?


Rightio then…

I really am having lots of fun cherishing my cherubs with Naomi from Seven Cherubs ( Pop over & see if anyone had more success than I did with the whole interviewing  gig!



  1. Haha such great answers! I really love Bam Bam’s answers 🙂

  2. That’s so cute! And I think you got quite a lot of info out of your eldest!

  3. cutie! Ive just found reading eggs my kids love it!

  4. Peanut butter is my favourite condiment. I love that they both get straight to the point. My youngest daughter kept coming back and adding more later 😛

  5. heehee cute. Your older boy sounds like a younger version of my 10 yo (technology technology technology!)

  6. I just love the nick name Bam Bam, very cute, I am with him on the banana with peanut butter – very yummy.

    • He’s defintely a Bam Bam & has been since birth! I’m afraid I don’t get the peanut butter banana thing. I prefer my peanut butter straight out of the jar 😉

  7. Love your interview and with how you handled it. Some of my cherubs were the same – wanting to know what is this for, why are you asking me questions etc. they are so smart these kids today! Love the answers and my favourite was: I am feeling fine as I had a big sleep you know! I am totally in need of one of those big sleeps myself. Gorgeous. Thanks so much for linking up. N x

  8. What’s your favourite thing to do? Cat. Bwahahaha, too cute!

    Gosh my eldest is the same as your eldest only mine is 12 and would have happily kept listing stuff for three straight hours if I let him!

  9. Sounds like you had fun. Thanks for the Hungry Hippos flashback, I used to love that game! Your last interview with Bam Bam is hilarious. I’m pretty sure I would get similar answers from CrashBoy.

  10. Hehe!! These interviews are so making me laugh. I’m loving them! They are just so cute. Give me Lady Gaga, any day!! LOL! 🙂

  11. hehehe, short and to the point – if only all celebrity interviews were like that 🙂 Mine are all technology geeks too. I found the 3 and 4 year old giggling in the living room this morning while they created a “Me” version of mummy on the Wii (needless to say it was the fattest body type you could select hahahaha)


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