Grateful that Spring has sprung

Like many, the main thing I’m grateful for this week is Spring. Such glorious weather whilst I’m feeling otherwise unwell has cheered my spirits no end. A little vitamin D never goes astray either.

I’m also very grateful for this space in our front yard. For some reason gazing at these two trees soothes my soul and fills me with a sense of sublime happiness. One of the few things I will truly miss about this house (if we ever leave!)

I’m grateful for the shade they provide for my boys to play in, me to laze in and for us to have our special little picnics.

I’m very grateful for grandparents who rescue energetic, non-stop talking preschoolers from grumpy, intolerant  tired, sick mummies, and for toddlers who are easily placated by DVD’s and popcorn.

And I’m ESPECIALLY grateful for this little machine…

Not sure how I could ever survive without it!

What are you grateful for this week?

Linking up with Mira Narnie who is hosting Maxabella’s “Grateful For” this week.



  1. Your dustbuster must be better than mine. My one chokes on popcorn! I love our big shady trees too. Looking forward to the leaves to come out and warmer weather for picnics.

  2. Your front yard looks like the perfect place to spend spring afternoons, I love those big shady trees. Bless grandparents and their healing powers 😉

  3. i can see hoe those trees provide lots of enjoyment, shade and good memories. 🙂 x

  4. Your trees are shadilicious..great for summer and two little boys!

  5. hmm I wrote but Im not sure if it worked… I love spring~ that was the jist of the other post 😉

  6. love summer! so nice to get outside with the kiddos! My dustbuster died.. sob* I need a new one

  7. Oh! I would love one of those wee vacuum cleaners, really need one in this messy house. Nice to meet you via Maxabella’s Grateful. One of the things I love about blogging, and I didn’t know about this before, is how great the photos I see are and how inspiring. Love the backyard with your tress of serenity.

  8. That backyard is really beautiful- I would love it too! Aren’t Grandparents wonderful? I appreciate mine so very much now! Hope you are feeling better soon.

  9. What a beautiful front yard! It looks like the perfect spot to have a picnic. I have exactly the same dust-buster!

  10. I hope you’re starting to feel better. Glad to hear you got some help though.
    I can’t wait till the weather warms up a bit more here so we can start on the picnics!

  11. Had to laugh at the last photo!

    Your yard looks so peaceful and inviting. Those trees are gorgeous. I wish we had something like them in our yard.

    Yay for grandparents!!

  12. We have two trees in our front yard too – and I love them!

  13. love the pictures and totally agree about being grateful spring is here. This beautiful weather is so, so welcome. nice to meet you from Gratefuls ! x

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