I know Kegels keep it real

Boy do I know I should have done more Kegels.

In ante natal classes they teach you how to strengthen your pelvic floor. Kegels may sound like a funky type of breakfast bagel but really are the secret weapon in a woman’s post pregnancy arsenal.

Needless to say, I didn’t pay much heed to the lovely but rather batty midwife who tried to steer me onto the path of lifelong bladder control.  Sure enough, karma came and bit me in the arse (close enough) by blessing me with 2 rather large babies who took great pleasure in trampolining on my pelvic  flaw floor.

I did squeeze in the early days. I even accepted my OBG’s invitation to trial their new fandango machine that would vibrate my floor back into pre-pregnancy shape. Unfortunately, the experience was akin to spending 20 mins sitting on a church pew that was being pummelled from underneath by a Jack hammer.  With 2 smalls in tow and a hefty fee per session, I gracefully declined further sessions. I can squeeze for free after all. The DIY job can be done all day,  anywhere. Sssshh – no one will know!  Unlike some of the very interesting contraptions I found on google this morning after a “Kegel” search. I won’t elaborate. I get too many dodgy hits on my site already.

Anyway, it’s a shame I’m no good at follow through. Now as I sit here, suffering a horrendous cough, I’m wishing I’d made the investment in the jackhammer-floor-saver. Imagine the money I could have saved on the millions of boxes of Tenas I see stacking up in my future.

I'm here all ready!!!

Young ones take heed and squeeeeeeze! Do what your midwife says and do those Kegels.

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Images ( & some actual sensible tips on Kegels) from Daisy Chain Maternity



  1. Squeezing right now. There’s is way too many things to remember to do!

  2. Apparently squatting is better-I’m off to do some squats now….

  3. Oh my gosh, three children down is it too late for me?? I am squeezing as I read, just in case…

  4. I know that you speak very wise words

  5. keeping this is mind… squeeze squeeze…. hold your core in tight… remembering my pilates days while pregnant 🙂

  6. This post is making me do my pelvic floor exercises right now!! LOL! And then that last image! Oh boy, I’ve got some training to do!!!!! 🙂

  7. Great advice. I could never remember to do it.

  8. Nothing quite like having a rotten cough while heavily pregnant with twins to test out your (lack of) pelvic floor muscles. They will never be the same again. Thanks for the reminder though, I’m terribly slack with them.

  9. You could save your money and take the advice of one of the mums who used to be in my Mother’s group; use a cucumber (I sh*t you not!) You can now see why she *used* to be in Mother’s group.

  10. Laugh,cough, sneeze and pee all at the same time. lol love it! 🙂

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