I know I WILL lose weight

I’m going to Melbourne in three weeks time. I’m going on a shopping tour and I’m supposed to be at least 5kg less than I am now. Or at least that was the plan 6 months ago.

The plan before I fell head long into a love affair with red wine and chocolate (ok, chocolate and I have a bit of history).

Ironically, my maiden voyage into blogging was actually based on losing weight.  Weighting for a Miracle was going to be my saviour. I would be accountable to the world wide web. I would report my successes. I would have a hoard of supporters cheering me on.  What actually eventuated was a farcical tale of broken scales and very little progress. I ended the embarrassment after 17 weeks. 

My latest attempt will be different. I will try not torture you with tales of my progress (or lack there of) because obviously accountability doesn’t work with me. There will be no false promises of exercise programs. Most definitely no shakes or pills. I know that the magic formula for my weight loss is ludicrously simple.


So now you know what I know. I will lose weight before Melbourne. And in the event that I don’t… well, the beauty of blogging is that if I fail miserably, most of you will never know 😉

What weight loss formula works for you?

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  1. I totally know where u r coming from. I’ve tried WW, JC, & doing it myself but none have worked like seeing my dietician every 4wks. Every year aroun winter I fall off the wagon & end up afraid of her response when I know what I should b doing, sock usually end up giving up until the following summer. This year I got back on the wagon before the end of winter and my clothes r feeling better but not a lot of kilos lost as yet. I know this is an excuse but I find it’s so hard to exercise with 2 toddlers… Or is that just me?!

    • Definitely not just you! Although I wasn’t exactly an gym junkie prior to kids, I had a lot more disposable income and time. You’d think with all the running around we do we’d be sticks!!

  2. It’s so hard not to eat crap, especially when we’re tired, emotional, stressed, pressed for time… and all those other excuses 😛

    Good luck! And enjoy your shopping tour. I am so envious!

  3. I’m doing the Michelle Bridges 12 Week challenge and its great! Ive been slack this time around though, but I have lost 3kgs. I’m going to be ramping that up again now but I still crave chocolate so I have substituted from have 8 sqrs of choc to having a little freddo or some of the new Table of Plenty Rice Crackers which have chocolate on top (they are so nice!!)
    Try and drink lots more water too, it helps!!

  4. Stop. Eating. Crap. It seems so simple but why is it so hard to do? I’ve done Weight Watchers in the past to shift kilos and gone to the gym but since having kids the time and the motivation have disappeared. My husband and I are both currently trying to make simple and lasting changes to our diets so hoping we’re on the right track now. Enjoy your time in Melbourne!

    • Thanks! WW helped me lose 10kg before kids. That’s a very distant memory now! I have to stop eating their leftovers as a starting point. Wishing you & hubby much success x

  5. The only was is, like you said. Eat less crap. And perhaps exercise more. But really, it’s all about what you put in. Unfortunately I really like chocolate too! It takes a lot of will power and I don’t always have it 😦

    • lol well I certainly couldn’t exercise any LESS 😉 Will power has never been a strength for me when it comes to food. Just need to work on mindfulness!

  6. Hi Nee – Yes, I’ve been following my version, called the “Cut the Crap” diet for a few months now, and it’s funny how when people ask me what I’ve been doing, and I say “well, I haven’t eaten junk food for 4 months now”, their response is “Is that all?”. Is…. that… all…???? If only they knew what a huge thing it is to not be consumed (pun intended) by food. But really, that is all… and “all” is terrifying if you think of it as never again. But just keep living in the moment and you will get there. Now is the only thing we have any control over, so if you cut the crap for “now” then that’s all you have to do. I’m with you every step of the way, gorgeous girl! x

  7. Good luck! After I have this baby, I seriously need to look at my diet and stop.eating.crap!! Have a great a time in Melbourne.

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