Grateful for Shortcuts


Shortcuts make our lives easier – how can we not be grateful for them?  Being inherently lazy by nature, shortcuts definitely play a huge role in my mummy/housewife/worker bee arsenal.  Never more so than when it comes to housework!

Recently CRAP Mamma posed the question “Do you clean when you have visitors?”  I love her perspective on the matter and it made me think about why I run around like a mad woman when I know guests are coming (god have mercy on us all if there are unexpected drop-ins).  I’d love to have a picture perfect house.  For that matter, I’d love to have a vaguely tidy house. What I do have is a small house with too much clutter, too little storage and 3 mess generating machines.  I do endeavour to keep things as orderly as possible but when guests are coming it’s like I see the place through new eyes. 

Crash Test Mummy recently posted some fabulous tips for housework in a hurry – most of which I’ve done at some point or other depending on the guests and the nature of the visit, but when I had guests coming this morning I realised I actually have a standardised set of “pre-arrival” shortcuts that I execute to make our little abode semi-respectable.

1. Arrange the cushions. My kids think couch cushions are pseudo playground equipment and they are ALWAYS scattered from one end of the living room to the other.

2. Call the helpers to arms. The Wilful One is very task oriented and loves to be summoned to help with super important grown up tasks like getting all of the farm animal figurines out from behind the couch and ensuring the floor is not a skating rink made of books and puzzles.

3. Stash dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Even if that’s not where they will ultimately be cleaned!

4. Clean the toilet. I live with 3 boys. Enough said.

5. Wipe the bathroom sink. Thank you to the inventor of microfiber cloths.

6. Bust highly visible dust. I’ve previously professed my undying love for the dustbuster. This little baby gets used to chase all the crumbs from under the table and the dust bunnies from down the hall.

7. Pull the covers up on the beds. Notice I didn’t say “make the beds”. You can’t “make” bunks or waterbeds. They will never ever look truly neat (unless you are my mother-in-law, who could make corrugated iron flat with pure determination and a hatred for wrinkles)

8. Dress the children. Nothing broadcasts your laziness and disorganisation quite like children running around the front yard in their PJ’s at 11am.

With these simple little housework shortcuts, I’m sure to provide my guests with a comfortable visiting environment that will reassure them that:

a) they are a far more accomplished domestic goddess than I,

and most importantly…

b) they won’t catch anything too serious.

What shortcuts are you most grateful for?

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  1. Love The Rhythm Method’s comment here. I wonder if the cleaning hurdle is the main reason I don’t like hosting stuff? Hmmm… I did another short cut whilst preparing for a BBQ last night. Stash the piles of washing into the bedroom and shut the door. None the wiser 🙂 Thanks for Rewinding Nee Say (and for the Facebook link. Love those!) x

  2. Love these tips tips.
    My tip is the laziest short cut of all … have the play date at the park, then no one has to see the mess.
    Visiting from Rewind;)

  3. Veronica @ Mixed Gems says:

    These are all good ones, many of which I already do, now that I think of them. the other one is to keep blinds partially closed so as not to draw attention to dust. Visiting from the rewind.

  4. My big tip – vacuum.

    You don’t need to do a proper vacuum just quickly over the most used areas. It means you have to pick things up off the floor to vacuum and a room will always look tidier when vacuumed, no matter how messy it is otherwise.

  5. Loving this, as I look at my house wondering why the hell I’m putting myself through the trauma of having people round for a BBQ, and how tidy the house needs to be before the 9 extra kids trash it again. Sometimes I feel like I’m that cleaner up machine from The Cat in the Hat. Popping by from the rewind.

  6. Hi Nee, thanks for your lovely comment on my Grateful post…so nice to find it there and then discover another great blog :))

  7. Too funny. My husband is always saying to me – why are you so obsessed with having the house clean, when you know it is just going to be messed up again? Hmmm good point he makes, but God gave me OCD so I just kind of have to work with it 🙂 Thanks to you I can now continue to drool over photos in magazines where the kids are sitting quietly in a pefectly pristine house, and then when I look up and observe the cyclone that is hurtling through my own home in the form of my 3 small boys, I can think to myself “meh they must of use Neesay’s Shortcuts before those photos were taken. 🙂 xxx Sonia

  8. that sounds good plan to me! anything that helps!

  9. Oh my goodness, I’m adopting this one! Fabulous! 🙂

  10. BTW – this comment of yours “I’d love to have a picture perfect house. For that matter, I’d love to have a vaguely tidy house. What I do have is a small house with too much clutter, too little storage and 3 mess generating machines. I do endeavour to keep things as orderly as possible but when guests are coming it’s like I see the place through new eyes.”

    ME TOO!!!

  11. Love this post – I was just thinking about this tonight! Very helpful tips…now if I only I had a dishwasher 🙂

  12. What a fabulous plan for a ‘quick’ clean before the arrival of houseguest! I am totes borrowing that!

  13. You sound like you come from the same school of cleaning as I do! Double yay for shortcuts! Visiting from Grateful x

  14. I live with 3 boys too haha know what mean about the bathroom.
    Love mess making machines x
    This is a great plan.

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