Cherish Your Cherubs: Affection

I’m a little late with my Cherish your Cherubs post this week and I’m sad this is the last task. I want to say a special thanks to Naomi @ Seven Cherubs for hosting this project. I’ve enjoyed it immensely. 

This week’s task was an easy one for the menagerie and me as it was all about showing affection.  Affection is the corner-stone of our family. My boys are very loving and we have lots of spontaneous cuddles and kisses. In fact, there’s often quite a lot of argie-bargie in the evenings over who gets to sit on whose lap for a cuddle first!

Affection helps reassure us that we are loved. The Wilful One is such a sensitive soul and can often sense when I’m not having a good day. He’ll often come up to me and give me a hug and a “Love you, mum” before running off again to play. Likewise, I’m very conscious of his feelings and insecurities and if we ever have cross words,  we’re always careful to reassure him with a cuddle and an “I love you”.

As for Bam Bam, well I’m quite sure he was a koala in a past life. It’s impossible not to be affectionate with this kid. If you are sitting on the floor, he’ll be sitting on you. He constantly demands “UP” and I have to admit he rarely gets turned down from me as he gives the best cuddles ever. Even his kindy teachers love to steal cuddles from him.  There is nothing quite like the feeling of  a little toddler body with arms and legs wrapped around you and their face buried into your neck. Love, love LOVE!

I can honestly say that I could cuddle that kid all day. Lately, with both of us being sick, we’ve had a few days like that!

I think it’s very important for boys to know and express affection. My boys are very fortunate they have a daddy who think so too. It’s a wonderful thing to see a rough neck tradie who is not afraid to cuddle and kiss his little men and tell them how much he loves them. Considering he wasn’t raised in a very demonstrative family (unlike mine) I find this nothing short of amazing.

The boys cuddle each other too. They can often be found draped over each other on the couch and if they are being parted there’s always a brotherly cuddle goodbye, if not a few tears!

My affectionate little boys give me hope that they will grow into affectionate big boys who will be able to comfortably demonstrate love to the important people in their lives. Especially their mum!!

Did you grow up in an affectionate family? How do you show affection to your children?







  1. Aww you have to love the sick sooky cuddles! Rachael constantly has to be closest to me, sit on my lap or leaning against me. Andrew also loves a cuddle & often gives his sister a shove saying “my mummy” just so he can get onto my lap! Rachael also has a sixth sense when I’m having a bad day, will crawl into my arms saying “I love you mummy, you’re the best”.. Craig & I both had a fairly close family life but being just mum & I for so long we always hug for no real reason 🙂

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