Grateful for Luck, Love and Little Heroes


Grateful for Luck

Late last week I was trawling through twitter while having a break at work (god bless the iPhone) and I stumbled across a tweet about a giveaway for free blog hosting.  How serendipitous since I had just made the decision to move my blog to a hosted site.  I had the good fortune of winning that giveaway and was pleased as punch.  Later that evening I entered another, even more generous giveaway with the same service for a complete blogging package – hosting, domain,  design, Facebook page.  I admit I was being greedy trying my luck twice, but I thought what the heck!



Grateful for Love

To be in the running for this amazing prize, I had to rally my friends to like, tweet and comment about me to get additional entries. Friends who read my blog commented, friends who probably had no idea I blogged commented and, of course, other lovely bloggers commented. I was a bit overwhelmed by all love and I’m extremely grateful, especially because it won me the competition!!

Grateful for Little Heroes

Of course, what (who) I’m most grateful for this week is Michelle from Little Hero Hosting & Designs, without whom none of this would have been possible. Her generous birthday giveaways have made me a very, very grateful little blogger and have shown me how lucky I am and how much I am loved. I’m really looking forward to working with her to create a new space for Nee Say.

So tell me, have you ever won anything amazing?

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  1. Yippeee! A new blog design is going to be so much fun to design. I quite like your old one, though, I must say. I hope you don’t change it up too much. x

    • Thanks Bron. Must say, it’s a bit like getting my hair done – the morning of my appointment I always look in the mirror & think “it’s actually not looking too bad…” Change is good though & your judgey post has come at just the right time for me x

  2. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for your lovely blog :-). I once won a towel from That’s Life magazine… it was a super absorbent one… white in colour… winnnnning ;-P

  3. how exciting 🙂 what a great price. I look forward to seeing the winning result 🙂

  4. Good for you Nee. You’re so deserving. I recently won $250 worth of makeup. I’d never won anything in my life like that before and I was sooooooo in need of some makeup for so many reasons! LOL

    Anne xx

  5. Yay I am so happy you won. A huge congratulations Hun xxxx

  6. Congratulations on your wins!!
    You lucky lady!!
    I use no other company for my hosting and designing my web sites!
    Little Hero Hosting and Little Hero Designs are the best!

    Once again congrats and well done.

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