Ooh! That’s Pinterest…ing!

So, I have a new online addiction – Pinterest. I place the blame squarely with Tina Gray {dot} Me for making it look so darn enticing! It is therefore her fault that I’ve been pinning this morning instead of doing the online grocery shop.

My current inspiration is my upcoming Melbourne shopping trip. Here’s a few things on my wish list:

Love this floral maxi skirt…

via Pinterest

…and I’m going to attempt to pull off a maxi dress – even though I suspect I’m too short & round!

via Pinterest

I’m a little obsessed with coral at the moment.

via Pinterest

And I love everything here. Definitely need some strappy sandals.

via Pinterest

Actually, I think I might just use this as my shopping list…

via Pinterest

Are there any must visit shopping locations in Melbourne you recommend?? What would be on your list?



  1. It looks so stylish. Yep I agree that list should be my shopping list too. 🙂

  2. luluhughes says:

    Love all those choices… you will look gorgeous in a maxi FYI! I am also on the hunt for strappy sandles so let me know if you pick up a fabbo pair!

  3. Oh I love shopping in Melbourne!! and I love that maxi skirt~ gorgeous!! have fun and spend big 🙂 xx

  4. I am short and round Nee and I love Maxi Dresses!

    I am trying to work out my savings plan for Melbourne in March can’t wait to go shopping when I am there!

  5. Ooh have fun shopping in Melbourne – I love that whole outfit with the necklace and bag – perfect for me!

  6. I keep getting told that I need to go on a shopping trip to Melbourne. I look forward to reading about your trip. Oh, and I hold no responsibility for any time lost on Pinterest. hehe.

  7. I love the maxi dress too Nee but I think I’m too tall and round! Great list. I found Bridge Road, Richmond to have a good range of stores selling at ‘slightly’ reducd prices but Myers always has such a lovely range of all the brands and the prices aren’t that ridiculous. They always have good stuff on their clearance racks too. You lucky duck! I want to hear all about your trip when you get back.

    Anne xx

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