I know Christmas is coming whether I’m ready or not!



I know that Christmas is only 8wks away (57 days to be exact). I know that people get excited early and like to be organised for it.

However, I was still a little shocked last night, when, on a late night run for baked cheesecake (as you do) they were putting up Christmas lights in the car park. 

It’s only October, people!!

A commonly heard remark these days is “This year has gone so fast”.  Every year seems to go quickly. Honestly, it’s small wonder when in the shops there is tinsel and baubles on shelves right alongside Halloween costumes. Not to mention back to school items competing with Easter eggs and hot cross buns.

I know it sounds very Nanna, but it’s just all so commercial these days.

For me, Christmas is the kids’ anticipation, gift giving, family traditions and mismatched crockery so we can all share a meal around the same table. Oh and the last minute frenetic efforts to get everything sorted. Ok, perhaps that last part really is just me?

I have two November birthdays to get through before I can contemplate Christmas but I know Christmas is coming whether I’m ready or not.

Do you start Christmas planning early or are you a last minute type of gal like me?

PS. If you are the organised sort pop over to Tina Gray {dot} me and Mummy to Five who are both doing weekly Christmas posts. I know I really need to read them. Perhaps something to do while I’m standing in all those really long queues the week before Christmas?  😉

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  1. Veronica @ Mixed Gems says:

    I told myself to plan early when Tina and Mummy to Five said it was 100 days to go. Apart from a few thoughts, I’ve yet to do anything practical. I want to be way more organised than all the years gone by but I’d better get crscking if it’s going to happen. I’ve always been a last minute organiser and I’m tired of myself. Time to change……though its hard fighting what seems to come all too naturally!

  2. I agree with you Nee. The year does go quickly, sometimes it like a wave that picks you up and carries you out and everything swooshes by that you wished you got to (for me anyway). I’m so anti-shops of commercialism at christmas. It needs to get back to basics and not be so excessive. In fact you’ve just given me an idea for my christmas theme!

  3. I am in denial about Xmas this year! Normally it’s my favorite but I’m struggling with planing thins year

  4. One year I bet the decorations will come out for Christmas in July – that will be strange.

  5. Christmas does seem to start earlier every year! I do start planning pretty early though. Mainly because we have a lot of household bills that seem to tie in with the Christmas. Not to mention birthdays. So I get a lot of pressies and things throughout the year. It always feels like a bit of a bonus come December!

    • I must admit I have probably got most of my presents covered thanks to a kindy toy drive & my Melbourne trip. Definitely takes some of the heat off!

  6. There is a house around the corner from us that already has it’s Xmas lights up! I am in planning stage at the moment (making sure my card list is up to date – finding recipes for homemade gifts and starting my online searching for pressies.) I have to do this now because I have 3 November birthdays and 2 December birthdays (including Xmas day) to juggle as well!

    • You know I bought Christmas cards for the first time in years today! A list would be handy too I suppose 😉 good luck with all those birthdays!!

  7. I TRY to prepare for Christmas early.. especially for the house cleaning and present-shopping. Got some gifts already from our recent trip to Korea heehee. Hate shopping in town with the crowd!

    well, next week is already Nov so I expect even more shops to get into the spirit of Xmas 🙂

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  8. I have two November birthdays to get through first and I refuse to think about Christmas. That will make it stay away longer, right? Right?

  9. Nee, I’m exactly the same as you! Wanting to do a late night run for something decadent I mean! LOL No, honestly, I’m a last minute gal too. I do say at the start of every year that I WILL BE ORGANISED FOR CHRISTMAS but it never happens. You know what my schedule is like. Gone are the days when you’d order a ham and/or prawns or a couple of hot chooks, make up a few salads, wrap a few presents and have a nice relaxing day. Christmas lasts for 3 to 4 months these days and everyone has Christmas ‘burn out’ by the time it gets here. I went op shopping this morning and the number of Christmas toys and stockings that were there was overwhelming. People stock up on those things every year and then chuck them out after Christmas only to buy new ones the next Christmas. Even the op shops are cashing in on Christmas and things aren’t as cheap as they usually are.


  10. Isn’t it ridiculous that xmas decos are in the shops already?! It’s crazy! I’m such a last minute xmas organiser.. but I also try not to go too over the top for just one day. I really should get organised and at least make a list of xmas gifts for family.. but life is just too crazy. Since Aug I haven’t had more than 1 free weekend… and for that we had a nice quiet family day! I also have 2 b’day’s before xmas to deal with.. so bugger it.. xmas can wait! *L*

    good luck with your planning Nee 🙂

  11. Yes October Christmas lights are a bit early! And a genuine LOL to back to school items competing with Easter eggs!!

  12. mummytofive says:

    You can know I love Christmas!! With 4 birthdays all around that time of year I have to be organised earlier so then I can focus on the birthdays and not be stressing about Christmas!! I love how the shops bring it all out in October it’s a reminder to me to get organised an pick up things I need as I really try to avoid the shops as much as possible in December!!
    I agree with you though with all the Easter stuff coming out at back to school time, that’s WAY too early!!!
    Thanks for the link up too xx

  13. I was in Harrods in London on 2 September and they had already dedicated half a floor to the most elaborate christmas decorations I have ever seen! Now that is getting carried away too early! I love christmas though and eagerly anticipate its arrival every year…


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