Things I know about cutting clutter

Operation: Cut the Clutter has been underway here at Née Say HQ for the last couple of weeks. Nothing too earth shattering, mind. As much as I would have liked to tip my house upside down, shake everything out & start afreash, instead I have focused on tackling a few little trouble spots that weigh me down with their blatant unruliness.
There’s a couple of things I know about clutter:
  • A small house gets cluttered very easily
  • Small children + small house = triple the clutter (at least)
  • There are way to many “bits” in life. You know those miscellaneous odds & ends that have no home but you keep because they may be required at a later date? I detest bits.
  • I place way to much sentimental value on “stuff”. Particularly clothes & books.
  • Talking through the decluttering process with the Wilful One has been a valuable way of reigning in my little hoarder-in-the-making.
  • Getting rid of clutter can be overwhelming but also kind of fun.
  • So many bloggers out there have inspiring ideas on storage & organisation.  The Organised Housewife & Super Organiser Mum  are great places to start. Plus Kate Says Stuff has some super giveaways with her Systems Junkie series at the mo!
  • And I know it’s stating the obvious, but IKEA truly is a declutter-er’s mecca!

Now, I’m not much of a “how-to” blogger but I couldn’t resist a little show & tell (or should that be shame & tell?)

In the last couple of weeks I’ve:

  • culled 75% of my recipe book collection (I use google most of the time anyway)

    Yes my recipe books do reflect my food likes - curry, chocolate & sushi! At least Vegie Smugglers is front & central 🙂

  • culled & reorganised my pathetic excuse for a pantry
  • decreased the contents of my Tupperware drawer  by 1/3 – it now closes without eating plastic
  • revamped & reorganised my office space to look a little less like a man cave & more like a creative space (as you can see the office used to be the nursery)
Everything from IKEA (apart from lappy & modem)
  •  organised our important personal documents into one single file – suitable for grabbing prior to fleeing a burning house (just sayin’)
  • created labelled action folders & files to organise the plethora of paper that’s currently stored on the bench & fridge. Still waiting for The Man to hang this folders above the desk.  

I used scissors & glue people!!

  • sorted the boys outgrown clothes & reorganised their drawers
Loving these drawer inserts from IKEA!
  • eBayed 3 boxes of toddler toys & donated some to daycare
  • donated 4 bags of crap stuff to LifeLine

Phew! Actually, it does seem like a lot when I write it all down. On the surface it doesn’t seem to have made much of a difference (I’m sure The Man thinks I’ve spent my entire holidays drinking coffee & faffing on the computer) but I’m feeling pleased with my efforts, nevertheless. It’s nice to open a cupboard or drawer safe in the knowledge that it isn’t booby-trapped.

One thing I know for sure about cutting clutter: I’ve got a hell of a lot more to do!

Are you good at keeping on top of clutter at your place or are your cupboards booby-trapped too?

Linking up with Shae from Yay for Home for Things I Know.

PS This post has not been sponsored by IKEA. Unfortunately, obsession does not automatically qualify you for sponsorship.





  1. I can ignore clutter for the most part, but occasionally I go nuts and blitz the place. I’ve given up on my office though. My husband’s desk takes up more room than mine and he files nothing so I’ve resigned myself to the fact that it will always remain a man cave.

    Good job!

  2. I have some serious clutter issues that need to be dealt with, soon. Well done you on all your hard workd

  3. Good for you Nee! What an inspiration you are. Wonder if Ikea will sponsor your blog? I think between a few of us, they owe us a few more free coffees! LOL

    Anne xx

  4. Oh, i wish your pictures were working so i could see!

    Let me tell you, having a “bigger” house doesn’t make it any easier. Each of our moves has been to a bigger house (and we are still a smaller house than most people I know!) and the cluttered look never disappears. I managed to keep the “public” spaces clean and neat for a month, but the family finally won and I’ve given in. For now. 🙂

  5. Wow you have been busy! Good on you and well done. Everything looks great, I am getting better with clutter, I love what my BIL says to his family, ‘you want to bring one new thing in the house, then 2 old things must go’. Saves clutter and money 🙂

  6. Look at you!! Love all the little things you have done, they are all really good! I have a booby trap in the kitchen currently, with the littlies loving to get into the plastics cupboard, it frustrates me so much I just chuck it all back in and close the door! Only for it to fall out the next time I open it!

    • Thank Kirsty. I must admit my plastics cupboard still has a bit of work to be done. It still has booby trap potential so you can imagine how bad it was before I got rid of 1/3 of it!

  7. Hmmm… you’ve made me paranoid about getting a single file together! Well done for all the progress. Just stick to the rooms where you’ve already worked your magic and avoid the others for a while. Wallow in the freshness of it all 😉

  8. Jaye Duckworth says:

    Hi Nee – we are decluttering this weekend to the point of hiring a skip…our rule is that if it hasn’t been used, worn or touched it in 12 months, its gone…can’t wait…

  9. Congrats on decluttering! I’m terrible at keeping on top of clutter, but I’ve been concentrating on one space at a time and keeping that organised. Once I feel like I’ve mastered that space, I move onto the next. Its slow, but steady progress and works for me. 🙂

    • I think that’s the principle I need to adopt to maintain. We are in a constant state of evolution & room swapping to maximise space in our little house so it seems we just get one area sorted & then somewhere else needs an overhaul!

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