Things I know: A week of celebration!

The colour of Champagne

Wow, it has been such a huge week. And it’s not done yet! We’ve had quite a few things to celebrate so here’s the “Things I know” wrap up:

 I know I’m so super duper happy that my boy was finally accepted into the school we wanted. The relief when they phoned opened a flood gate of tears (for me). He is very excited and so ready.

I know the Christmas holidays will drag as I’m going to be asked every day “Can I go to my new school yet?” !!

I know 13 years ago not many people would have thought that The Man and I would still be together, let alone happily married with a menagerie.

I know that the Wilful One was so excited to turn 5 this week. He had an awesome time at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary on his birthday.

I know that I was grateful The Organised Housewife posted egg-free cupcake recipes just in time for me to make 2 dozen of them for preschool (they were a huge hit!)

I know that Saturday night I will have a very tired but happy boy after two back-to-back birthday celebrations.

I know seeing Pam Ayres perform live was fantastic. I took my mum as an early birthday present and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. An amazing lady with a wicked sense of humour.

Of course, there is a flip side to everything and there are a couple of things I know I’m not so excited about this week:

I know that I’m going to spend the rest of the day doing housework and stressing over  dust bunnies and crumbs. I know it’s needless as my family love me regardless of cobwebs.

I know that I’m so sad that my 5 week holiday is over and I have to return to the grindstone next week.

I know that I was a bit ambitious in all the things I planned to do while I was on leave but at least I made it through 3/4 of my list (ok maybe 2/3).

I also know that the end of my holiday signifies that Christmas is approaching like a freight train. Time to get organised. Eeek!

Have you had something to celebrate this week? Please share!

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Image from We Heart It



  1. It sounds as though your week was very eventful! Happy birthday to the Wilful One!

    I love Pam Ayres – she’s such a riot.

  2. Wow sounds like a very busy time! Don’t worry about the dust bunnies. They make a house a home.

  3. Such a beautiful pic of him. Happy birthday to the lil buddy and yay for the many joyful things this week 🙂 Oh we just checked with the preschool that we wanted our girl to go into next yr.. still on the waiting list 😦 but that’s ok, we aren’t really in a rush to put her in school, just wanted her to go and make friends because she really loves to play with others!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  4. Wow! What a list! Happy birthday to your little man, we have a 5 year old here who is itching to start school here too! She will get a ‘countdown’ calendar at their orientation in December and I can see it being very well watched!

  5. Gorgeous pic of your son and the koala. Bless x Did they trim the koala’s claws or something to make them safe ? I know those claws can really do some damage!

  6. What a great photo of your son and his wee koala buddy! So often you see photos where either the kid looks scared or the koala looks sleepy and cranky. This shots a beauty!

    • Thanks 🙂 He was quite apprehensive about the whole thing and when I first saw the pic I thought he looked a little scared but then realised it was just his cheeky squinty smile. He didn’t want to give that koala back in the end!

  7. I’m so happy that the egg free recipes will help you 🙂

    • Definitely! Our daycare is egg-free but some parents ignore that fact when bringing in birthday cakes which I think is sad because there are a couple of kids who always miss out. We were VERY popular, so thanks again! 🙂

  8. Oh, you know me Nee. Never a dull moment around here. My kid’s birthday celebrations spread over 3 weeks. One down, one to go. I’m over it already. Big pirate party Sunday week and then it’s the boy’s birthday. School break up is on the 2nd of December as well so I’m in for a couple of hectic weeks. (Wished I bought that Ikea shelf now. So need it for our new phone’s docking station.)

    Have fun this weekend and going back to work.

    Anne xx

  9. Oooh ! Egg free cupcakes ! Twin 2 is allergic to eggs so I’m always looking for new egg free recipes !
    Happy birthday to the Willful One ! (Love his pseudonym ! :))

    • Thanks – it suits him! The recipe on the link are so goooood – just like a chocolate pudding!! Will was so happy that his two best friends could have some too as they often miss out (one is allergic, the other for cultural reasons).


  1. […] my crazy week of celebrations has ended with a bang – two birthday parties, overnight house guests, a visit to the marina […]

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