Wonderful Weekend: The best laid plans mean nothing when you have kids

This weekend has been long anticipated.  We were to be hosting our first ever sleepover and the boys were super excited. The menu was planned, games were at the ready, DS’ were charged (in anticipation of inclement weather) and sleeping paraphernalia for an indoor campout procured.

Then on the eve of the Big Event it happened. A text arrived saying that our pint-sized guest had fallen at school and broken his arm.

The boys took it surprisingly well. The Wilful One, not to be out done in the attention stakes, had suddenly developed a very nasty itchy rash and the doctor’s trip distracted him. Thankfully it turned out to not be chicken pox! In any case, the blow was softened by a visit by our intended guest on Sunday morning so that the promised banana pancake breakfast could be consumed.

The most wonderful part being that breakfast was prepared by The Man (who I think may have been subconsciously making up for  “opting out” of the first half of the weekend & literally going fishing!) which meant I could sit back with a coffee and chat with my BFF. Bliss!

So, our sleepover will have to be rescheduled, but that’s ok. I’m well aware that the best laid plans mean nothing when you have kids!

What age did your kids start having sleepovers with friends?

Linking up with Sonia from Life, Love & Hiccups for her brand new Wonderful Weekend link up!



  1. My eldest is 4.5 and hasn’t had a sleepover yet, except for at Grandma’s or Great-Grandma’s house. Having said that, she’s stayed at her great-grandma’s house for 4 nights consecutively so i think she’d handle a sleepover ok.

  2. Just found you over at link up with life love and hiccups now following. I hate that when you are so organised and that last minute thing happens too, I had it happen twice last week, So nice to find a new friend to follow if you find a minute pop over to my blog. Hope you have a lovely day.

    Always Wendy

  3. Where some would see a lost opportunity, we just see a chance to re-schedule and catch up again – haha.
    I think I was about 9 when I had/went on sleepovers. I remember watching Neighbours (it had only been on tv for a little while at that time) and thinking I was getting away with murder ‘cos Mum and Dad would never have let me watch it. I guess that aspect of sleepovers (staying up later than you’d be allowed, playing too many video games) is all part of the allure! 🙂

    • Re-scheduling certainly has it’s merits 😉 My sleepovers started when I was about 10 or 11 and we watched Dirty Dancing & Pretty Woman!! And ate Macdonald’s. I felt like such a rebel ;P

  4. We were supposed be having a sleepover here at our house too but didn’t end up. We had a few tears but mostly alright. My kids love sleepovers, and with the older two we generally have someone over nearly every second weekend. We are a communal house 😉

  5. I remember I started going to sleepovers when I entered into highschool, so I was about 12 years old. But I think that was because I almost had no friends when I was in primary school. But when we did have sleepovers, they were so much fun!

    • I think I started in primary school but I certainly wasn’t has young as they seem to want to start these days! They certainly are fun though 🙂

  6. It is so disappointing for the kids when the plans go pear-shaped. But life is like that, and there’s always next weekend.

  7. Awww Nee thank you so much for joining in 🙂
    My boys started sleepovers around age 5, but mostly it is sleepovers at our house. Pretty much every weekend we have an extra head and I love it. I always wanted 5 kids, this way I get the extra kids but also get to send them home when we need a break 🙂
    Thanks again for playing along, despite the hiccups, it looks like you guys had a wonderful weekend 😉 xxx

    • I like the time-share theory. I always find I’m much more patient with other people’s kids, and they usually make me appreciate mine more! Having said all that, sending them back has to be one of the best parts 😉

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