Wonderful Weekends: Tis the season

I know I’ve been resisting it up to this point, but now that it is officially December, I’m willing to fully embrace the silly festive season and all it’s trimmings.

This weekend we dug out the carols and put up the tree. Tell me, does anyone else have as much trouble with letting the kids go free range with tree decorating? My inner control freak does. Not. Cope!

I’m also super thrilled that I’ve somehow managed to get 90% of my gift shopping done already. I know, I’m shocked too.

On Saturday we visited my big bro and his family. We don’t get together much but the kids always have a fabulous time playing together and get spoilt rotten by their dotting Auntie J.

I find it amazing to see how our family has grown over the last couple of years. It seems only yesterday we were celebrating the first Christmas ever where I wasn’t the youngest!!

Christmas 2006 - my Aunt D with Will, his cousin Angus & my Dad

Now there are four gorgeous little people!!

Amelia, Angus, Will & Nick

Amelia & Nick

We’ve turned some of these gorgeous pics into Christmas gifts for the family using Snapfish. I can’t wait to see how they turn out!

On my silly season to-do list for this week: Christmas Letters to Santa, writing christmas cards and finishing off that last bit of shopping so I can sit back and feel all virtuous for not getting caught up in all the last minute shopping chaos (for once).

Did you do something festive on the weekend? Are you nearly finished your shopping??

Linking up with Sonia from Life, Love & Hiccups for Wonderful Weekends.



  1. I rarely read Christmas books so I really want to this Christmas, and Trisha†s Twelve Days of Christmas is top of the list.

  2. Oh yes, I am a control freak when it comes to the tree. I have to control myself and try to remember it is about the kids and not the most perfect looking tree. I do insist on doing the tinsel though, I can’t stand a strangled tree!

  3. Oh lovely pictures!

    Decorating the Christmas tree is still my domain. The year before last the Mister and Little Miss decorated the tree at the front of our house with all the leftover decorations while I did my usual inside. I’m hoping to get a new tree next year, then the kids can have our current $20 cheapie and put it in the playroom or front loungeroom for their handmade decorations.

  4. lovely to meet you I’m linking up with Sonia great finding new friends to catch up with so I’m now following you. Cant believe your nearly finished shopping I have so much to do and instead of my list getting smaller I think its growing. Love your photos I always love catching up with family. Hope you have a wonderful day.
    Always Wendy

  5. My two started decorating the tree, but only one had the stamina to see it out. The look of immense concentration on her face while she clutched the box of ornaments with one hand and adorned the tree with the other was so precious that the fact that the tree is only decorated up to and including the point that her little arms could reach just makes it all the more special. Some branches have up to five baubles on them, and you know what?… I kinda like it like that! (I may even keep the look going into the future!)

  6. They are gorgeous pics Née.
    I too am a control freak when it comes to decorating the tree. Lol I sat there and directed and then when they were done, I snuck in and fixed it up. Of course they think they did an amazing job and they did, but it needed a little tweak here and there. 🙂
    I have just about finished my shopping. I did most of mine online this year and it has been a dream. Thanks for linking up lovely xx

  7. Oh you are sounding so organised, I really should start the present thing….it is hard when everybody I ask can’t think of anything they would like. Gift cards…

  8. Nee, I’m the same with the Christmas tree. I really had to step back this year and let them do it all. I put the lights on but they did the rest. They were sooooo excited to do it. I’m sitting here looking at it, cringing and the disorder of it all, but then I also remember the proud looks on their faces that they did it all themselves. I have to check the Christmas present stash to see if I’ve got everything but I also have to avoid the shopping centres with the kids in tow because we saw Santa again this morning and Miss E asked Santa for more stuff! Yikes! I’ll have to come up with a good excuse as to why Santa couldn’t get her a Barbie Malibu Beach House and roller skates.

    Anne xx

    • Lol glad I’m not alone on the decorating! I warned Will that Santa prob wouldn’t get him all things in his list as sometimes Santa knew special things he would like better. Luckily he is easily prompted but there will still be one exchange happening at the toy shop! x

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