Wordless Wednesday

I’m not adverse to bribing my kids but lollies are rarely my arsenal of choice. Except when I need to tidy up this:


Getting BamBam to sit still for long enough to get his hair cut AND be quiet while his brother is in the chair requires me to pull out the big guns.


When have you had to pull out the big guns to sweeten the deal?

Trying my best to link up with My Little Drummer Boys via my iphone sans ADSL. Fingers crossed this works.



  1. Yep, sometimes the lollipop comes in VERY handy.

  2. Lollies for hair cuts are the best idea ever! Until they get hair on them and all hell breaks loose!

  3. Great haircut. I guess the lollipop worked.

  4. Always ! So cute and who does it hurt ? to make your kids smile like that.

  5. Ha ha he looks so cute with his hair cut too. I am soooo open to bribery and corruption whenever the need arises 🙂 xx

  6. For the exact same thing – CrashBoy’s last haircut. The aeroplane chair and Wiggles video just wasn’t enough!

  7. Very handsome with his new do!

  8. Sweetie we need to talk about your Internet plan! You can’t be a blogging queen without decent Internet! Xoxo

  9. Good job Nee! You gotta do what you gotta do! I can’t even begin to remember all the ‘occasions’ I’ve had to pull out the big guns to bribe my kids. He’s so cute!


  10. It’s definitely worked! Very cute!!! Yes, I’m not often seen to bribe with lollies, but a hair cut is certainly lollipop material!!!!

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