Boxing Day 2011

Today I was planning to write a post waxing lyrical about the magic of Christmas. However, I am so completely knackered that all I think about is numbers. These numbers sum up the Christmas that was:

4 days of a hideous gastro bug plaguing all 4 of us right up to Christmas morning.

18 people here for Christmas lunch

100’s of presents

4 big bags of wrapping paper

2 fridges full of leftovers

Today I’ve been occupied by:

6 people for breakfast

1 hour of fun in the pool

4 loads of washing (the first sunny day for a long time)

2 overtired and overwhelmed children

45 minutes of tantruming toddler resisting a nap

My theory about “Boxing day” is that folk are prone to be exhausted and a little touchy in the aftermath of Christmas. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are having a relaxing day today – without too much boxing!

Right now I’m shifting my focus to…

7 glorious days of beach holiday on the horizon. I better get packing!






Image from We Heart It



  1. Bring on that 7 day beach holiday I say!

  2. Wow Nee! I am so pleased you have a break ahead of you! Well done for surviving Christmas! x

  3. I’m so glad there was an end in sight with that bug Nee and you had a good day. When and where are you off to? Half your bloomin luck! Hope you have a very Happy New Year and Santa bought you everything you wanted.

    Anne xx

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