Née Say: They Say

I wrote this post a month ago & thought I should post it before a new year ticks over.

I’ve mentioned before how slack I have been with baby books etc. One thing I wish I’d captured more is the funny things my boys say.

I know the whole “kids say the darndest things” caper doesn’t make for a very interesting post but please indulge me (or click away) while I jot down a couple of lines for prosperity.

Will (5yr)

“I wish I could do all the hard work for you mum, so you could relax and just have a lazy day” (I’m sure you can appreciate why I needed to immortalise this one!)

“I’m never having kids incase they turn out hilarious like us!” (I think he means to say horrendous)

“But why?” (repeat 10 times for full effect)

Bam Bam (2yrs 7mnths) All of these can be repeated LOUDLY numerous times for realistic re-enactment.

“Waz that?”

“I no like it!”

“Yet now?”

“No way, Ho-zed!”

“No pleeping, mummy”

“No pwease, fank ooo”

And my fave:
“wuv ooo”

You’ll notice with Bam Bam, there is a very strong theme – “No”!

My boys are growing up so quickly so please excuse my little sentimental reflection.

Did you record things your kids said when they were little?

Née xx


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