Resolutely 2012

I’m not generally one for making resolutions. This is mainly because I’m realistic about my inability to persue things with any semblance of self discipline.

However, I’ve been inspired by Lee @ Mummy Issues: Part 2 and I’m going to go out on a limb and make some general “resolution” type to-do statements based on reflections from the last year. Surprisingly (or not?), most of these things have a direct link to my mental health.

Read more books
I love reading, it’s always been my one true escapes and I find it very relaxing. But apart from blogs, I’ve not read much at all this year. I’m determined to remedy this effective immediately!

Worry less
I have spent an inordinate amount of time this year in knots of worry. About big things, little things and everything in between. Much of which was not worthy of my energy or was out of my control. 2012 = Down with worry!

Breathe more, yell less
This could alternatively be called “pick my battles” or “choose my mood”. Either way, if I’m successful it’s win-win for the menagerie AND me.

Spend less
The Man will be happy about this one. I don’t buy expensive big ticket items, it’s all the little things that seem to make their way into my shopping bags. Especially for the kids. They add up in dollars and in clutter in our already cluttered house!

Move more
I’m not committing myself to any structured exercise plan here (see aforementioned reason for not previously making resolutions) but apart from running around after kids, I do lead a rather sedentary lifestyle and need to generate some extra endorphins and burn off a few extra kilos.

Well, this resolution business isn’t as hard as I thought. I guess the hard part is sticking to them!

Do you make resolutions? What lessons have you learnt from 2011?

I’m linking up with Lee here


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  1. Such a great list Nee. My list would look very similar… apart from the worrying, I am not a worrier. Yeller yes, worrier no! I am way behind on the yelling one already, I seem to have been yelling all day. Whoops!
    Thanks so much for linking up and Happy 2012 to you. xx

  2. I need to read more too, Née. I find when I’m busy/stressed, my reading is the first thing to go out the window and I end up unwinding at the end of the day with tv instead, which isn’t really unwinding at all.

    Breathe more, yell less. Definitely.

    I haven’t made resolutions for years, but I think next year I’ll do my best to move through my days more mindfully.

  3. Breathe more yell less. That is my favourite. One I need to implement too. I’m just writing my end of year post today too….

  4. I’m on board with the spend less resolution for 2012. It’s going to be a massive lifestyle change for me though and one he’ll of a challenge. Wish me luck! Good luck with your resolutions. xxx

  5. Good ‘list’ Nee. I’m not one for making resolutions either. Stopped that back in my twenties I think. The only thing I could be sure of was that I’d be drunk by midnight on New Year’s Eve and be hungover the next day. Long gone are those days. (Have you got your new toy on hols or are you posting from your iPhone?)

    Anne xx

    • Hahaha not sure the iMac would have fitted in the car with all the other crap 😉 Getting better at blogging on the iPhone though my data network is a bit slow.

      Happy new year & wishing you a wonderful 2012 x


  1. […] so when everyone is happily occupied I can stick my head in a book guilt free. It’s one of my resolutions to make this happen more often than […]

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