Things I love about holidays

We have been enjoying our favourite spot on the Sunshine Coast for the last 6 days. Tomorrow we go home and as I sit on the balcony of our unit soaking up this view:


I’m reflecting on our week and all the things I love about holidays.

God I love napping. I’m not a good sleeper & a nap through the day is pure bliss to me. When we are on holidays the boys wake extra early, so usually both have a day time sleep (a rarity at home). This is a perfect opportunity for me to read (see below) or nap, or both!

Holidays are the one time there are no nasty distractions like housework or copious amounts of washing or (heaven forbid) paid work, so when everyone is happily occupied I can stick my head in a book guilt free. It’s one of my resolutions to make this happen more often than holidays.

Shared hunter gather duties
At home The Man & I generally fall into pretty stereotypical gender roles ie. wifey in kitchen, husband on couch. The Man does some cooking (mainly of the BBQ variety) and none of the shopping. Without the distraction of work or foxtel, The Man steps up quite nicely on holidays and takes over most of the meal preparation. Plus we do the odd takeout 😉


Sea air does weird things to my hair and if I happen to forget to pack the straightener (as I did) I start to resemble a Bichon Frise. Being sun smart as I am, I always wear a hat – the beauty of which, bad hair is no problem!

Minimal washing
I encourage recycling on holiday. We live in swimmers & boardies mostly anyway.

Having had a bcc removed at 25, I’m generally very sun smart (aside from my lapse early in the holiday) & I know pale is the new tan, but I have to admit I’m loving having a bit of colour & looking a little less pasty!

I’ve just realised this list could go on forever. The bottom line is I love being “away”. Away from home, away from work, away from routine, away from reality in general.

Most of all, I love making memories with my boys.


What do you love most about holidays? Where’s your favourite place to escape with the family?

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  1. Oh yes. All of the above. I too didn’t pack my straightener so my hat was my saviour grace! And I too am enjoying my last night of bliss x Enjoy x

  2. Sounds absolutely divine Nee. I love getting away from routines, less cleaning and cooking, better weather, time to read, flick a magazine, play cards. We went to Fiji this year and it was really too hard with our 2 (a baby and 3). This year we will do a drive to holiday and holiday house, it will be much better. I hope. xx

    • We got married in Fiji & are dying to go back but flying with a 2.5yr old really puts us off! Hope your holiday is all kinds of wonderful x

  3. Great pics Nee. So glad to hear you’ve had a restful time. Don’t you just hate pack up, come home time? I do. Hopefully it won’t be long before you get away again. Now it’s time to start getting organised for school start. Welcome to the club! LOL

    Anne xx

  4. We went to Bribie Island today as a day trip and LOVED it! We are based in Brissy and usually do the Gold Coast/Sunny Coast breaks so don’t know why we neglect Bribie but we won’t anymore! So, so relaxed. I was raised on the Sunshine Coast so always love it there too. Looks like you had a wonderful holiday! 🙂

  5. I love holidays anywhere near the beach. We’ve been having a ‘staycation’, lots of day trips these holidays – we’re not too far from the coast now, so that makes it easier to just pack up and go for the day. It’s absolutely perfect beach weather at the moment.

    • I’d love to be close to the coast. We are about 90mins from a decent beach. Close enough really but we never seem to make it a day trip. Maybe now we have access to a boat we may though!

  6. We’re going away to my favourite place during the Easter holidays – to wine country, Margaret River. I’ve become such a homebody, I’m sure the change will be a good shake up.

    I’m so with you on the naps. I take a lot of them during the holidays. Bliss.

    • oooh Margaret River sounds lovely! I’d be inclined to leave the kids at home though 😉 Bet the countdown is on to Easter. Hope you have a wonderful time & get lots of naps!

  7. Your list is a tick, tick, tick for me! All of the above – I love just relaxing with minimal house work just letting it all build up for the cleaners at the end – and eating out!

  8. Oh I am jealous! I would love to be on holiday with the fam right now!

    A few weeks ago my eldest was in hospital for a coupe of days, and I read for two days straight. It was absolute bliss, and has made me realise how much I miss reading. I need to make more time for it as well.

  9. coloursofsunset says:

    Sounds like a lovely holiday and what a great view! I love the feeling of having zero responsibilities when on holidays, and the doing whatever you want, whenever you want, because you can, and hate the reality that smacks you in the face when you get home.

  10. Sounds like a wonderful time away. We are off to Sydney in a few weeks, not exactly my preferred place but there will be a brand new little baby waiting to meet me so I can’t complain too much 🙂


  1. […] really feel like I’ve had much of a holiday at all. Apart from a month ago when we had a week at the coast (which, by the way, felt exactly like a holiday), these days time away from work just feels […]

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