10+ reasons not to marry a bricklayer

I need one of these shirts from zazzle.com.au!

The Man is back at work. It was so nice having him home over Christmas. Primarily because The Man who works is different from The Man on holidays.

He is a bricklayer.  Yes, when I was very young and VERY naive, I got sucked in by the whole tradie thing.

The Man was unlike any guy I’d been out with before. He drove a ute, he drank beer, he worked hard and he got dirty. 14yrs on and nothing has changed. He may drink less beer, but only just.

I love him as much as I did 14yrs ago, but there is one aspect I’ve come to dislike, loath even. His job.

So, ladies with daughters, listen up. Here are some very valid reasons why you should never let your girl marry a bricky. NB: The following probably apply to other trades but brickies are my area of expertise.

1. They smell. Bad. Every day.

2. They shed sand everywhere and are grimy. The Man leaves a residue on everything he touches. Like my steering wheel or my nice new iMac keyboard *grrr*

3. Their dirty laundry is horrendous – see points 1 & 2 above. Your washing machine will never forgive you.

4. Their work hours can be unreliable and unpredictable. I rarely know more than a day ahead when The Man will be working on a weekend or finishing late or early etc and neither does he. Plans for Saturday? Make them Friday.

5. Work itself is unreliable. No work = No pay. Hello GFC = Goodbye 5 year plan.

6. Their working day starts early. The Man’s alarm clock goes off at 4.30am.

7. Anything that goes to work will become work property. This is because one day in dirty, dusty, grimy conditions renders things unsuitable for any other purpose. Think clothing, towels and your favourite Tupperware.

8. Their bricklayer & tradie mates are loose cannons and generally a bad influence.

9. Bricklaying is HARD WORK. Literally back-breaking. One day your man will come home with some sort of injury and will need nursing. Think man-flu but a million times worse. (Also see point 5 above: No work, No pay)

10. Further to above…bricklayers work hard all day in the hot sun. Come knock off time, it’s a cold beer and game over (apart from point 12 below). There is limited opportunity for the “dump and run” that mums often desperately crave by the time hubby comes home from work.

Additional points if your bricklayer is self-employed: 

11. There is no bricklayer’s office at a job site so random bits of wood, wall and brick are often used to document random important bits of information. These miscellaneous pieces of crap WILL make their way into your house.

12. There are endless important phone calls at inconvenient times e.g. dinner time, bath time, that time when your child projectile vomits all over your favourite wool shag pile rug, meanwhile the other is trying to climb onto the roof. That sort of thing.

I know by now you are thinking I’m an awful person, but truly I’m doing a community service by highlighting these issues for prior consideration to committing to your bricklayer.

I’d like to reiterate that I love my husband. I’m grateful he works so hard to earn money to support us.

I just really hate his job.

How do you feel about your partner’s profession? Love it or loath it?



  1. Hi Nee
    I have just finished reading this and being a bricklayer myself I found it to be the funniest thing I have ever seen. I will be showing this to my fiance for a good laugh. you hit the nail on the head and no your not a bad person because you oviously know what to put up with lol. I am 26 years old and better make sure that my fiance will want to commit hahahaha

    thanks you made my day


  2. I’m a bricklayer in Chicago and I bet I make more money than you. Ya job sucks but I bet you couldn’t do it for half a day and say I quit.oh ya I do make more money than you cause you don’t even work do you.you just need to shut your mouth stupid. Your man goes out to make a living and all you can do is talk @#%$

  3. Theres no need for name callin shes just saying how she feel doesnt mean she cares for him less. Just like you men complain about women and so on yet you still stay with us and care. (Like the guys that say office jobs easy you sit down and click a mouse. When theres alot more to it that that.theres pressure and stress and you got to produce ever single day. Theirs no rain days or snow days and rarely a day of so i dont think you can compare the two fields. Both hard , one mentally and the other physically) And by the way i worry about my guy every day he goes to work if hes going to come back safe. He already fell and his friend fell recently thats aside from his coworker who fell and died. Idont know how hard it is cus i obviously never did it but i see its alot of back breaking work and its dangerous. But think about being in the girls shoes getting a call that somthn bad happened. Now thats not easy constantly worrying. So all i have to say is nothings easy but we chose our careers. Some got forced into and others willingly. But if your unhappy its never too late to change. And if your happy continue the good work you guys are talented and its admirable and impressive your devotion to your job aside from it being physically challenging. Ps: try not to leave the misses on the back burner cus shes by your side no matter what aside from what she may say.

  4. Honestly I feel the same. Couldnt have descirbed it better. Went through and still am going through those exact things. Also id add the travelling away for work. Thats dreadful. Worst summer.

  5. I am a bricklayer and i am hot horny and dirty. and i have probly laid as many women as i have bricks ;] dont get it twisted i build a foundation with the bricks they throw and i now own my own company.

  6. I’m a bricklayer in Canada. I made $390,000 last year self employed. My wife doesn’t have to work, unless when I send her to Las Vegas and she works out at the gym. I’m 25 years old and 6’5. My back is fine and I wake up early in the morning because I love what I do.

  7. Great blog post, I am a bricklayer. Sandpaper hands is what the mrs moans about most. It did make me laugh as most of it is true

  8. I’m glad your discouraging us hard working brickies from getting married to womyn like you womyn, why don’t you just shut up and go back to your Rockefeller funded S.C.U.M club and stay out of the way of good hardworking men who lovingly provide for the women they treasure

  9. Haha what a joke of a career!
    Done it for 10 years and yes got into it because my dad was a Bricky too! Everything thing that has been said is all so true, for both wife and hubby.
    I’ll chuck a few things in too.
    I’ve been talking about doing something else since I started, cause I’ve always hated it, But… we all need FrIKN money and lets face it, most of us aren’t that academic (as you can probably tell by some of our spelling so far)
    Things I hate about it:
    • Through out the start of my experience as a bricklayer the bosses are so stressed about not making enough that they are never happy with how hard you work and dont have enough time to properly teach, or dont know how. Being a boss is the only pride they can take in them selves so they patronize and talk down to make themselves feel like they are something more than a “bricklayer”.
    • In the fast paced work, there are there are a million things that get in the way of just getting the flippN bricks in like.. crappy sites, cuts, weather, unorganised builders n our
    materials, injuries/sore, other inconsiderate trades and just just down right crap going to plan.
    • Another thing is the perception of everyone who isn’t a bricklayer, basically no one will understand unless they are one. “What’s so hard about putting one brick after the other in”!! A monkey could do it. Let me shake that monkeys hand, cause his one tough hard workN mofo!
    • And what’s that? No
    Work again cause the jobs not ready, oh man I got bills to pay !
    Guess I should be glad I got a job ey, well I feel better after my rant now anyway. But in reference to the first blog, I have to say before you date a bricklayer, help him find another job and then marry him.

  10. All things you described are incredibly petty nuisances. You are a selfish whiny person.

  11. You shallow bitch, he’s out working his ass off providing for the family and you have the nerve to complain about him being a little dirty? Appreciate what you have you ungreatful bitch, better still you dont deserve anyone.

  12. Hey good blog! Am a brickie for 20 years.. most of what you say is true but most trade jobs would be similar. Will have to work on the smell bit…wheres me rubber duckie!

  13. bake that shit says:

    brickies are hardcore mother fuckers how do u think pyramids where built it wasnt some cunt sittin in a office all day they was sloggin it out in the sun till they built that shit ya herd me werd em up

  14. Ha you silly cow! Maybe he isnt right for you? I am dating a bricklayer, I love it when he comes home dirty it turns me on! He works his ass off! He is an amazing down to earth guy who cruises through life, and the beers? Yeah well I join him! Why not!? You only live once and I always vowed not to be a nagging sagging old bitch who pops out kids then breaks my husbands balls because im exhausted after looking after them all day! Funny thing is I bet it was ALL YOUR CHOICE ON WHETHER YOU HAD KIDS!!! bet he didnt get a say at all. Women are fucking pathetic these days!! Ungrateful bitches, thats why im not proud to be one! But I atleast try to be better! Go have another sprog you saggy twat.

    • Maybe you should have married some pussy in a suit instead? Im assuming purely because of your post you are either australian or american? (The whinging and all) or maybe (jesus christ dont let it happen!) Its because you are old, im 24 and ive noticed women from the ages of like 35 onwards are pure hell to deal with, my man is 37 and his ex is a fucking ungrateful bitch he did EVERYTHING for her and it was never enough! they are bitchy naggy and ungrateful for what their men go through so they can sit on their ass at home all day. And im even wondering (because ive been out of work for a month… just got a job but 🙂 ) maybe not working drives these women crazy??? Fucks me! All I can hope is that I dont end up like that!!!

  15. Yeah bricklaying sucks real bad! I earn £1000 a week, work for 8am-3.30pm have an hours lunch, have a shower, drink beer, but dont smell, have plenty of work and still manage to keep my wife and family happy.

  16. michael says:

    Yeah every bricklayer is the same. Dumb bitch

    Thats like saying every n***a will rob you

    • NO NO NO NO sister you lying im abricklayer to but im not dirty nd smell bad everyday that depents what type of person you are you just married a bad guy qha

  17. A couple of years ago I lost my job. A job I created and spent 5 years building. I was out of work for nearly 2 years. Then a big job came up where they needed bricklayers. So I joined the union bought some new tools and dusted off my old ones. Tools I hadn’t used in 20 years. Yes bricklaying is hardwork. Long hours and unpredictable hours sometimes. But I’m so fortunate that I have a trade to fall back on. The pay is pretty good and the satisfaction in knowing when I do get paid I earned every penny is rewarding.

  18. stupid cow, I wonder if your hard working Bricklayer husband has any knowledge of your rant.Maybee you should be great full of his hard earnt cash.And I wonder how long you would last laying bricks in all weathers getting wet, sun scorched and cold for very little money.People slag builders off but you all want to live in warm houses,have some respect woman.

  19. you people don’t have any idea what we go through every second of the day, we build houses and hospital shopping centers if i start the list will be endless, give us some respect, we sweat all day its the hardest job ever we work like slaves we have the hardest job in the history of this world, give us some respect for God sake, dont say this things about us, im single and I dont think girls like a guy like me, but i am very strong man very fit and with stong stamina i can work under the sun all day drink water to survive no stop no brake 4 hours and 30min brake and back for another 4 hours non stop carrying over 5 tonnes of bricks a day,
    the reason i do this job is because of my father he got me in to this and i was forced to stay and leave school, im 23 year old now been doing this for 7 years i started at age 16 i used to get beaten by other workers to keep going i used to cry and didnt want to stay on my feet anymore but i had no choice i had to do it and work like a slave,
    Jesus bless you my friends i know some of you guys have easy jobs with nice cars and wearing clean cloths but you are not better than me, come at contraction site one day and see for your self, good luck if you try to do the job

  20. This is hilarious and so true!

  21. Ahaha skaty chicks on here need to fix up ahaha most women iv Been with like it hard Ruth and dirty lool

  22. Maybe Ur Man needs to fix up and have a shower after work Lol or u need to fix up Im a bricklayer Just turned 21 and i have no diffculty with the women at all thinking like you do Is Nazi to me Lol

  23. As i read the blog it seems that you are not happy marrying a man working as a bricklayer. We know that there i no job that as easy as just lying at home. Working outside your house as a bricklayer is a very tough job. They are exposed to the sunlight and because of them we have shelter and roads. We should not be disappointed instead all housewives who has a husband working as a bricklayer let them feel that you care for them. Let them know that you really love them. They are working for their family to live as they want it to be. I heard that you can learn more about the bricklayer in http://www.bricklayer-perth.net.au, try to check it out to learn more.

  24. hey.. I am a bricklayer… and I enjoyed this read.. its 100% true..lol… I don’t really like the job as-well… I got suckered in because my family up-line are bricklayers… I’m just about out of it… because I have started a business online… you should check it out http://dazzaonline.com/ its the way to go.. nice blog by the way 😉

  25. Stirling family says:

    Why should every bricklayer be tagged In the same sentence of your man. I myself work for a company which has a hard working ethic. Yes we stink, but we also wash after a hard days graft. Plus I work hard at home to make family life easy for my wife. It’s not just a case of dump your family when a call comes In for a homer. It’s all about Making sure your family has a good life or even just to survive in this horrible climate. GOOD bricklayers are hard to come by so give them a break!

  26. LOL Nee! I always thought there was something very sexy about a tradie until mine went back on the tools after we married and became a ‘grease monkey’ again. Nothing sexy about that black grease under his nails, dirty, stinky clothes and the smell of oil and grease welcoming you every evening. They are nice to look at though when they’re working! *wink wink* xx

  27. Oh yeah baby, I get this. In the early days my hubby was a tyre fitter and they stink too and are covered in black rubber. Euccchhhhh. These days he is a partner in a liquor wholesale company. NOW that is a good career for a a partner of mine 🙂 I have to admit, I love a trades summer tan. Very sexy 🙂 xx

  28. Oh I hear you!! I think no matter what they do, it is just hard to love their jobs sometimes. Hubs used to be a truck driver, and is now working in an office job as a WHSE officer- and both jobs have had aspects that have driven me crazy! But at the end of the day, it is what it is, and I am glad that he works so that I can make home my work,

  29. I am currently in India due to my Husband’s job. Which sounds lovely, sure. But everything is so disorganised. I don’t know what shift he is on next week, and neither does he. He’s doing night shift right now. fun.
    The dirt and grime of a brickie would drive me insane though. And the mates! My husband has similar colouring to Casper so if he worked outside he wouldn’t survive a day!
    This post has made me grateful. thanks

  30. I take my hat off to tradies, especially this time of the year in the heat…hard work!!

  31. I can’t say what I think of my husband’s ‘new’ career because the last time I did I was all but hung, drawn and quartered for my lack of respect of him being willing to a job most other people dry wretch at the thought of… Point 11 made me giggle though!


  1. […] of my most frequently hit posts via google is one that I wrote on my old blog 10+ reasons not to marry a bricklayer . In fact, it’s the top of the search result list if you type “marry a brick […]

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