End of the age of innocence


Tomorrow is the beginning of the end of my son’s innocence. He is starting school.

I know that all sounds a bit dramatic but it’s truly how I feel.

Even though the Wilful One has been at preschool 3 days a week for the last two years, his social network has been quite cloistered.

At the age of five my boy still loves Mickey Mouse, Cars and Diego. He likes Transformers but only because his friends at preschool do. He won’t watch new animated movies willingly, hating any ‘dark’ scenes or mentions of badies or scary monsters.

His maintained innocence is in part due to personality but also due to our style of parenting.

This is not to say I am a Pollyanna myself, nor is The Man, by any means.

I don’t believe he has lead a sheltered life to this point. He has a very good grasp of concepts such as death and social responsibility.

I simply see no reason why children should have to grow up before they need to. In particular, I believe the concept of inflicting aggression and violence on others should play no role in a young child’s schema. There is time enough for them to be exposed to the harsh realities of the world.

However, once he walks through those school gates for the first time tomorrow morning, I must accept that my boy’s world will open up.

His external influences with multiply ten-fold.

He will be faced with confronting concepts in the playground over which I will have little control.

I just need to trust that the values we have instilled in him and his strong sense of right and wrong will stand him in good stead.


How did you feel when your baby started school?



  1. I’m nowhere near that stage yet, but I can tell you, I feel your post. I am already a little concerned and sad about what is to come and my eldest doesn’t start school for probably another 3 years at least. I hope to be able to instil a good foundation too that will guide them when they face difficult things. And I hope they’ll always feel free to talk to me about anything.

  2. I can see tears tomorrow and they won’t be from the wilful one. Best of luck for a smooth start to school. It really will open up his world, in a good way too. You have me all teary at the thought of my youngest off to prep, and that is a year away!

  3. Oh Nee! I really feel for you, in fact, it’s de ja vu for me tomorrow too. My ‘baby’ is heading off into the big bad world but I’m not as scared with him as I was with my daughter starting. She is very much like your Wilful one and I was (and still am) terrified of someone shattering her very fragile spirit. It did happen last year and that’s one of the reasons we’re changing schools but at the end of the day sometimes it’s out of our hands. We have to loosen the apron strings and tie them back up when they get home. That’s how I feel about it. Let me know how he gets on (and you too). I’ll be thinking of you.

    Anne xx


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