What have we done??

Yesterday we went out to buy some of these…



but somehow we came home with this instead…

Do you make irrational decisions when it comes to cute fluffy things?

PS. Any name suggestions would be appreciated!!

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  1. So cute! We are getting a puppy in the next couple of weeks. VEry excited!

    • Thanks Nicole. They are such a joy but very much like having a newborn in the house again for the first week or so! Enjoy your new family member x

  2. OMG How awesome. He is such a cutie. how about Nemo??? For the fish that wasnt to be lol.
    I had a dog just like him when i was little – he was Buster! Enjoy hun, he is just divine. xxx

  3. That’s a big detour!

  4. BONZA!! (for a name – very Aussie for getting him so close to Australia Day – and also means really really good… so we want to encourage that!)

    • Ooooh oooooh! Got it…. REX (like “wrecks” – you said he was a little destructive). Are we getting closer???

  5. wow, that is brilliant! I love that you got the fish as well. lol. A moto in our house is ‘Happy dog, happy home’ so your are on the right track in my book!

  6. Ha ha I love fish. They require no walking and that needs time. Something I have very little spare of

  7. Excellent choice! So funny that you did that. That little guy is going to need a bit more walking than the fish! I think you should call him Nemo 😉

  8. Why yes I did two, too. I wanted one like you but long haired puppies are not so good with burrs and bindi xo Gorgeous.

  9. Lol from fish to a dog – bit more work! He’s cute though! I’m not an animal person so despite cuteness and fluffiness being, well, more cute and fluffy, I would have pick the fish…


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