The holiday is over

Today, after 5 weeks off, I went back to work.

Back to the coal face.

Put my nose to the grindstone.

Working for the man.

And all that jazz…

I know I should be feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and motivated to get back to it. But I’m not. I’m rather ambivalent about it all really.

Perhaps it’s the circus that is the kindy drop off /school-run before work.

Perhaps it’s the concerns I have about my boy starting after school care when he’s I’m we are quite anxious about it.

Perhaps it’s the long list of holiday to-do’s that didn’t get done. Again. Still.

Perhaps I’m really not that enamoured with my job.

Or perhaps it’s all of these things combined with the fact that I don’t really feel like I’ve had much of a holiday at all. Apart from a month ago when we had a week at the coast (which, by the way, felt exactly like a holiday), these days time away from work just feels like… life.

Broken nights, early mornings, washing and housework, meals to prepare. These things rarely take leave.

Gone are the days of holidays equating to sleeping til noon, watching (non Disney) movies and reading books all day before going out for dinner. No more spontaneous road trips or living off takeaways.

Alright, I must admit these holidays have had a lot of highlights, a new car, a new puppy and the beginning of a new journey for my Wilful One.

Actually, it has just struck me that after 5 years of parenting my definition of ‘holiday’ needs to change significantly. Life might not take a holiday but I need to appreciate that having one less obligation/responsibility competing for my time and energy (i.e. paid work) certainly does qualify as a holiday.

One thing is for sure, by the end of this week, the last month will look a hell of a lot more like a holiday!

What’s your idea of a holiday?

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  1. I like your idea of changing your definition of holiday. Because I would have said a holiday is being able to do whatever I feel like without having to think about any other big or little person and wonder if they’re okay. So maybe instead I’ll just go with getting out, relaxing, laughing, eating nice food and enjoying good company!

  2. I loved the pic at the beginning of the post – it made me laugh because it’s so true! “Holiday” won’t mean lazing around the pool with cocktails for a long time yet but in the meantime, I take mini holidays like a Sunday morning spent at Southbank. I’m still constantly applying suncreen, handing out endless snacks/drinks, wiping sand from eyes etc but the kids are happy and the change of scenery is lovely.

  3. Totally get how you feel for pretty much all the same reasons. However, I am still waiting for the noon sleep ins. Maybe when the kiddies are older. Holiday is Hawaii and few scheduled events, being waited on, maybe a spa treatment or three. That is how it looks in my dreams.

  4. Oh yes Nee. I think a holiday is a change from the usual routine. I don’t envy you doing kinder and then school drop off and then work. That is a full days work by 9am!
    I think I need to get a grip on what constitutes a holiday for us know too. x

  5. I think a holiday is just geting away from the business. We love packing up the camper trailer and driving, which is still work, but it’s different and new, and we have each others company.
    My idea of a holiday is also when my kids can be nice to each other for five minutes straight! 🙂

  6. Yep holidays for me are when you don’t have to cook or clean. Just kick back relax and have a nice stress free time. Hope the rest of the week goes well for you

  7. Oh Hun I feel EXACTLY the same way. This week is my first week back after 6 weeks off and I don’t class running around with kids for 6 weeks a holiday. My idea of a holiday is somewhere where you don’t have to cook, clean, grocery shop or wash…..I’m thinking Maldives or Hawaii 🙂 xx

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