{Book Review} Campaign Ruby


This is the first book review I’ve written since high school. In fact, I can’t even remember writing one then…  But nevertheless, I’m going to give it a crack because I absolutely adored this book.

Before Christmas I was invited to attend a book launch for Jessica Rudd. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend but my friend went along and then gave me a signed copy of Jessica’s first book Campaign Ruby for Christmas.

To be honest, I had only recently heard of Jessica Rudd as an author. I even had to google her to confirm my suspicions that she was K-Rudd’s daughter.  I was even a little dubious about how much I’d enjoy the book given it’s politically based plot and my limited capacity to follow anything more intricate than Dora’s 3 step adventures these days.

I was very pleasantly surprised in both Jessica and myself.

A true indicator of any good book is how you feel about the main character and I felt instantly connected to Ruby and loved her quirky cocktail of Carrie Bradshaw’s style, and Bridget Jones’ penchant for disaster.

The story takes Ruby, a newly redundant English investment banker, on an unexpected trip to Australia. Here she stumbles onto an accidental career path and the adventure of a lifetime.

The plot did not get bogged down in politics as I had feared, and as a public servant myself, I could really appreciate many of the bureaucratic references.

The entire story was a wonderful blend of fashion, wine, humour, romance, and dare I say it – politics. I couldn’t put it down and now I’m dying to read the sequel, Ruby Blues.

It’s been such a longtime since I’ve read a book that I enjoyed so much.

I’m harbouring hopes that Jessica does not think I’m some obsessed fan; although I’m sure two twitter mentions and a book review does not constitute a case for a restraining order. Yet.

What was the last book that pleasantly surprised you?







  1. luluhughes says:

    I loved that book! But the sat book I read and loved was The Help.

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