Happy anniversary to us

Today is our 8th wedding anniversary.

We chose Valentine’s Day as a kind of tongue-in-cheek salute to how romantic we are not. The Man isn’t great with dates so I figured it’s pretty hard to forget Valentine’s Day in all its commercial glory.

We didn’t do the whole big wedding thing. It’s not our style at all and we wanted to avoid the family kerfuffle. Besides, it seemed like a bit of overkill considering we had been engaged for so long.

You see, my husband and I have been together since we were 18. Almost high school sweethearts. Almost. We were engaged by 19. Most people freak out a little at this prospect. I know our families certainly did at the time!

After a 4yr engagement, we bit the bullet and decided to duck off to a tiny island in Fiji for some low-key nuptials in 2004.

Even if the priest was wearing double-pluggers and a Winnie-the-Pooh christmas shirt under his dog-collar…

and cyclonic winds meant we had to get married in the bar instead of on the beach…

It was absolutely perfect and I would not change a thing.

Cheers baby. Happy Anniversary.

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  1. Happy Anniversary! Looks like a perfect wedding day to me, gorgeous photos xx

  2. Happy anniversary! Such a gorgeous post and beautiful pictures too.

  3. Happy Anniversary! Good idea getting married on a memorable date- hubby forgot ours this year! I get the married young thing. We were high school sweethearts ( started dating at 15) and were married at 18. Some people find it a bit odd, but I prefer to think of it as lucky 🙂

  4. Happy Anniversary!! Beautiful photos! My hubs and I got married in Broome and had to miss the beach due to a cyclone, too.

  5. Aww gorgeous story and I love the Fiji pics! Happy Anniversary!

  6. Happy Anniversary 🙂 What a beautiful wedding 🙂

  7. aww lovely pics! we have been married 8 years as well! congratulations to you xx

  8. coloursofsunset says:

    Happy Anniversary! Our’s is coming up on Saturday. Didn’t even THINK about it being so close to valentine’s day when I planned it. That’s how romantic we are! haha! Hope you’ve had a lovely day.

    • Congrats to you! Do you find it can be a bit of a pain for making plans when the rest of the world is trying to be romantic simultaneously?

      • Thank you! I find the most annoying thing being that the price of everything is typically much higher, and if we go out to celebrate dinner, others think we are celebrating valentine’s day and I want to shout “It’s our anniversary!! It’s far more important than valentine’s day!!!!!” If I have enough to drink this Saturday night I might just do that. ha ha!!

      • I know exactly what you mean!! I hope you have a great night out x

  9. Happy Anniversary! Love that your priest wore double pluggers; would have happened that way in Darwin too!

    Also, how tall is your hubby?

    • Haha he’s about 6ft. I’m 5ft 4inches. I look like a midget don’t I? I didn’t think about that when I kicked off my heels because they were slippery in the rain!

  10. Too cute, who said 19’s too young?! Happy anniversary xx

  11. luluhughes says:

    You guys are my favourite couple! I’m so blessed to have known you both as your relationship has grown and blossomed. Happy anniversary guys. Love to you both xoxoxox

  12. Aww you grgeous Love birds you. Happy Anniversary hun – i thik it is very romanctic that it falls on Valentines Day 🙂 xx

  13. Happy anniversary! You two sound a lot like me and The Man. We got engaged when I was 18 and he was 19. We have now been engaged 10yrs. Yup, 10yrs. We’ve been together almost 11.5yrs. We will eventually get married, but it will be down the local registry office with just the two of us. Our families will find out after it happens. We are very low key, we don’t need a schmancy wedding and I don’t need the family induced stress. A lot of people don’t get our views on it, but to that I say meh 😉

    • Good on you! I’m a big believer that a wedding is about the two people getting married, not about the people who think they are entitled to be a spectator!

  14. Awww I love it! I am a BIG fan of a low key wedding do. I think in this day and age too many people forget they aren’t getting married to have a wedding, their having a wedding to get married! You looked gorgeous!

  15. Aww such lovely wedding pics and sweet wedding. Congrats and wishing the both of you many many more years of bliss together!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  16. Oh, how cute Nee! Congratulations and have a lovely day!

    Anne xx

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