Feb 14 Wrap Up

Yesterday I wasn’t expecting any surprises as The Man & I had agreed no pressies for our anniversary this year.

However, I was secretly pleased when he came through with the goods and I came home to these:



So in return I cooked him Pad Thai


And the easiest, yummiest chocolate fudge sauce suggested by Fat Mum Slim


I also unearthed this little gem in Bam Bam’s kindy bag.


But the biggest surprise of all was the Wilful One’s announcement that he has a girlfriend in Prep and they are getting married and having a baby!!

Once I got over my initial “I’m too young to be a grandma” panic, I realised I was a little relieved by this news. It’s a big improvement on his original stance on marriage – “it’s too much work so I’m just going to live with you forever.”

Not likely boyo!

Did you get any surprises for Valentine’s Day?

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  2. LMAO start saving that is all I can say. Looks like you have a wonderful V Day hun. 🙂 xx

  3. what a lovely little surprise! and yummy pad thai!

  4. What a lovely surprise!!!

    No valentines here.. hubby2b doesn’t believe in hallmark day 😦

    • Mine doesn’t really either but it’s our wedding anniversary so he’s kind of obliged to do something 😉 Sorry you missed out. Hope you get spoilt on a random day to make up for it xx

  5. Lovely surprise great photos

  6. Great photos and I love the treatment you have applied. I love your words too

  7. Aww how sweet! I got all my Valentine’s Day surprises early, but you can see in my latest blog post how I surprised my Valentine! 🙂

  8. Hubby sent surprise flowers to my office 🙂
    But other than that no other Vday plans because he was working.. mum cooked a nice meal though.. heh

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  9. The first date I had with your father was at the drive in. Instead of going to the kiosk at the interval for some refreshments he produced a pear from his glove box. Last night he came home with not only pears but also some rock melon. I’m blessed. Thank your lucky stars that you didn’t marry a man like your father.

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