Dental Dilemma

I have a confession to make… I have never taken my children to the dentist.

I know. Shall I add a link to DoCS at this point for your convenience?

Now before you commence reporting me to the relevant authorities, I think my conscience can be relatively clear in relation to Bam Bam (2.5y). Besides, I’m not sure my public liability insurance covers damages inflicted to health professionals due to toddler attacks? I certainly wouldn’t risk putting my hand in there.

The Wilful One is another story, by 5 years I believe it’s an expectation that your child has had at least one visit to familiarise themselves with the whole dentist shebang.

I’ve had good intentions. Truly. I’ve even left messages (okay, ONE message) with a local kids’ dentist to make an appointment but they never rang me back. On their heads be it!!

They have been talking about oral hygiene at Prep lately, and of course my darling boy comes home to quite enthusiastically points out my deficits as a parent in this area.

“Why don’t we floss?!”
“Was that 2 minutes, mummy?”
“You need to take me to the dentist!”
“Why aren’t my teeth loose yet?”

I’m sure I could arrange something about that last one…

Anyway, it turns out all this teeth talk has been part of a government conspiracy dental health promotion campaign because yesterday we received a note from school about the dental van.

I have such awful memories of that gloomy, cramped little caravan with its awful smell, the sound of the drill and the taste of the fluoride. *shudder* I blame my fear of all things dental squarely on my experiences in that torture room on wheels.

So, my dilemma is: Do I run the risk of prolonging my son’s first dental visit until I pull my finger out and find a suitable kiddie dentist that I’m satisfied won’t scar him for life; OR, do I bite the bullet and send him along to the dreaded van like a lamb to the slaughter in the vain hope that things have improved dramatically in the land of government-funded oral health?

I’d love to hear your thoughts (be nice). What have your experiences been with taking kids to the dentist? Have you stepped foot inside the dreaded van as a parent rather than a victim patient?


  1. Ok, you’re not alone in this. I have yet to take my kids and I, like you, have the best of intentions. There just seems to be a mental block there for me… Your post has reminded me (again) that I need to get to it.
    I think I would take them to a Dentist, purely because of the horror the van held for me…

  2. I dread those vans too! Scarred me for life they did. I have yet to take my son, I’m a tad frightened but a dentist told my husband that they can sit on your lap and they really just check to see there are no cavities at that age. Good luck!

  3. My girl is 2.5 years old and I haven’t brought her yet too… but I think when the time comes to bring her, I will bring her just to a usual dentist instead of a kiddy one. Maybe bring her together when her older cousin goes since she likes to do things together with him haha..

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  4. LOL “I’m sure we could arrange something about that last one”

    My son is 3.5 and we haven’t taken him yet, even though a dentist told us to take him at 2. Actually, all 3 of us are overdue for a dental visit. Ugh. Thanks for the reminder.

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