A letter to The Man

I know you want to fix me, but I’m not a broken toy.
Your trusty letter opener and superglue won’t work on me.

I know you don’t understand what is going on in my head.
How can I expect you to, when I struggle to myself?

I know finding me crying in the dark seems irrational to you.
But for me, sometimes it’s the only thing that makes sense.

I know you have been trying hard to be supportive.
I appreciate your efforts so much, even when you falter.

Above all else, I know that you love me unconditionally.
Right now that is exactly what I need.

All my love



  1. Light/dark, inside/outside, day/night. Doesn’t matter to me where I cry. You just have to cry sometimes, no matter where you are Nee. Hope everything is okay? Just sing out if you ever need a shoulder.

    Anne xx

  2. Thanks for this read. Your positive, do-something-about-it approach is great.

  3. Hugs Nee.. It is totally acceptable to cry in the dark.. Or Lock yourself in your room & cry also works.
    You are a fabulous mum doing an awesome job! Xxx

  4. Nee I hope you are okay hun. And yes crying in the dark is perfectly acceptable. Big Hugs gorgeous girl. xxx

  5. Hugs to you Née. And yes sometimes crying in the dark is the only thing that makes sense. xx

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