About Née

Hi, I am Née. I live near Brisbane, Australia and I’m a working mum with 2 crazy boys (3 counting The Man).

I am a mummy who blogs but I don’t claim to have any reliable advice on motherhood or parenting. This blog is just a collection of my observations of life as a mother and wife. I blog because it makes me happy. I love writing and I love connecting with people.  Feel free to drop me an email at neesayer@gmail.com or I can always be found on Facebook 🙂

Some random and vaguely interesting facts about me:

  • I have a life threatening caffeine addiction.
  • My food obsessions are sushi & chocolate.
  • I’m extremely organised. I just hide it very well.
  • I think I’m funny, but mostly I’m not.
  • I live with a bunch of animals. Some of them even have four legs. (See what I mean about the dodgy humour?)
  • I’m quite possibly the only school captain ever to use the word “wank” in their valedictory speech. Totally unintentional, of course.
  • I have the short-term memory of a goldfish.
  • I’m a lefty but do not have a single creative bone in my body.
  • I’m scared when standing on a chair but jumped out of a plane at 14000 feet and loved it.
  • I’m a fairly typical Virgo.
  • I would choose blogging & reading blogs over sleeping, but choose sleeping over absolutely every thing else.
  • I love comments. They feed my starving ego.

Thanks for stopping by. Please stay and read a while and don’t forget to feed my ego 😉





  1. Nee, hello …. Thank you for your comment today and ‘welcome’! Your first 3 points above are exactly me!! I look forward to being a new follower!
    Jayne! X

  2. Mine’s Rocky Road Nee! LOL

    Anne @ Domesblissity

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