Moving Day


So I’m a little sad about it, but moving day has arrived. The new look Née Say has been launched over here over at

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A letter to The Man

I know you want to fix me, but I’m not a broken toy.
Your trusty letter opener and superglue won’t work on me.

I know you don’t understand what is going on in my head.
How can I expect you to, when I struggle to myself?

I know finding me crying in the dark seems irrational to you.
But for me, sometimes it’s the only thing that makes sense.

I know you have been trying hard to be supportive.
I appreciate your efforts so much, even when you falter.

Above all else, I know that you love me unconditionally.
Right now that is exactly what I need.

All my love


Pin(n)ing for a getaway

Today I’m wishing I was anywhere but here. Actually anywhere isn’t completely true, I have some pretty specific criteria: Sand, sun, clear blue water but most of all solitude.

Somewhere like these places:


Lucky there is Pinterest to help me dream a little dream. Feel free to check out my Getaway board for some other blissful beach getaway pins.

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Are you where you want to be today?


Dental Dilemma

I have a confession to make… I have never taken my children to the dentist.

I know. Shall I add a link to DoCS at this point for your convenience?

Now before you commence reporting me to the relevant authorities, I think my conscience can be relatively clear in relation to Bam Bam (2.5y). Besides, I’m not sure my public liability insurance covers damages inflicted to health professionals due to toddler attacks? I certainly wouldn’t risk putting my hand in there.

The Wilful One is another story, by 5 years I believe it’s an expectation that your child has had at least one visit to familiarise themselves with the whole dentist shebang.

I’ve had good intentions. Truly. I’ve even left messages (okay, ONE message) with a local kids’ dentist to make an appointment but they never rang me back. On their heads be it!!

They have been talking about oral hygiene at Prep lately, and of course my darling boy comes home to quite enthusiastically points out my deficits as a parent in this area.

“Why don’t we floss?!”
“Was that 2 minutes, mummy?”
“You need to take me to the dentist!”
“Why aren’t my teeth loose yet?”

I’m sure I could arrange something about that last one…

Anyway, it turns out all this teeth talk has been part of a government conspiracy dental health promotion campaign because yesterday we received a note from school about the dental van.

I have such awful memories of that gloomy, cramped little caravan with its awful smell, the sound of the drill and the taste of the fluoride. *shudder* I blame my fear of all things dental squarely on my experiences in that torture room on wheels.

So, my dilemma is: Do I run the risk of prolonging my son’s first dental visit until I pull my finger out and find a suitable kiddie dentist that I’m satisfied won’t scar him for life; OR, do I bite the bullet and send him along to the dreaded van like a lamb to the slaughter in the vain hope that things have improved dramatically in the land of government-funded oral health?

I’d love to hear your thoughts (be nice). What have your experiences been with taking kids to the dentist? Have you stepped foot inside the dreaded van as a parent rather than a victim patient?

Happy anniversary to us

Today is our 8th wedding anniversary.

We chose Valentine’s Day as a kind of tongue-in-cheek salute to how romantic we are not. The Man isn’t great with dates so I figured it’s pretty hard to forget Valentine’s Day in all its commercial glory.

We didn’t do the whole big wedding thing. It’s not our style at all and we wanted to avoid the family kerfuffle. Besides, it seemed like a bit of overkill considering we had been engaged for so long.

You see, my husband and I have been together since we were 18. Almost high school sweethearts. Almost. We were engaged by 19. Most people freak out a little at this prospect. I know our families certainly did at the time!

After a 4yr engagement, we bit the bullet and decided to duck off to a tiny island in Fiji for some low-key nuptials in 2004.

Even if the priest was wearing double-pluggers and a Winnie-the-Pooh christmas shirt under his dog-collar…

and cyclonic winds meant we had to get married in the bar instead of on the beach…

It was absolutely perfect and I would not change a thing.

Cheers baby. Happy Anniversary.

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{Book Review} Campaign Ruby


This is the first book review I’ve written since high school. In fact, I can’t even remember writing one then…  But nevertheless, I’m going to give it a crack because I absolutely adored this book.

Before Christmas I was invited to attend a book launch for Jessica Rudd. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend but my friend went along and then gave me a signed copy of Jessica’s first book Campaign Ruby for Christmas.

To be honest, I had only recently heard of Jessica Rudd as an author. I even had to google her to confirm my suspicions that she was K-Rudd’s daughter.  I was even a little dubious about how much I’d enjoy the book given it’s politically based plot and my limited capacity to follow anything more intricate than Dora’s 3 step adventures these days.

I was very pleasantly surprised in both Jessica and myself.

A true indicator of any good book is how you feel about the main character and I felt instantly connected to Ruby and loved her quirky cocktail of Carrie Bradshaw’s style, and Bridget Jones’ penchant for disaster.

The story takes Ruby, a newly redundant English investment banker, on an unexpected trip to Australia. Here she stumbles onto an accidental career path and the adventure of a lifetime.

The plot did not get bogged down in politics as I had feared, and as a public servant myself, I could really appreciate many of the bureaucratic references.

The entire story was a wonderful blend of fashion, wine, humour, romance, and dare I say it – politics. I couldn’t put it down and now I’m dying to read the sequel, Ruby Blues.

It’s been such a longtime since I’ve read a book that I enjoyed so much.

I’m harbouring hopes that Jessica does not think I’m some obsessed fan; although I’m sure two twitter mentions and a book review does not constitute a case for a restraining order. Yet.

What was the last book that pleasantly surprised you?





Puppy vs Toddler


I’ve been feeling a tad clucky lately. I blame TV. We were watching my fave show Bones the other night and the main character is pregnant. Not sure if it was the baby references or the thought of me her having Booth’s baby that got me all weak at the knees.


Dan is adamant there will be no more babies and was under the impression that the recent addition of our puppy would be sufficient to temper any procreational urges I may have. In fact, he went so far as to say that he would prefer to have EIGHT puppies before any more offspring.

Which kinda got me thinking. Puppies and babies/toddlers really do have a lot in common. I mean, apart from the obvious vulnerability and need for love, shelter, yadayada, there’s also the common elements of destructive tendencies, toilet training, boundary testing and a knack for being easily distracted by bright shiny things.

However, if one was to truly look at the pros and cons of having puppies versus small humans, puppies are sure to win hands down every time. For instance:

  • You can lock puppies outside when the pee on your carpet.
  • No one will ever ask if your puppy was breastfed, co-slept, had a dummy or used cloth nappies.
  • People get funny about children on leashes. Even purpose built child leashes get frowned upon by some.
  • You can smack a puppy on the nose with a newspaper if they bite you without the risk of the neighbours calling DoCS.
  • A running chain is a socially acceptable option for puppies.
  • A “beware of the toddler” sign is not as effective at scaring unwelcome visitors away.
  • A puppy will never ask to borrow the car when its older.
  • You can desex a puppy and let it roam the streets knowing you won’t become a grandmother before your time.

And of course, the most appealing thing about puppies in my books, this is always an option if you are desperate:

So what say you? Puppy or toddler?








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School Run Etiquette

At 3 weeks in, I’m still a rookie when it comes to this whole school run bizo. Even so, at this early stage in my career I’ve already made a couple of interesting observations regarding parent behaviour during school pick up & drop off time.

In the spirit of being a supportive fellow parent, I’ve compiled a short list of handy points to remember when depositing your precious cargo at their educational institution.

1. Bus zones are for buses. Car parks are for cars.

2. Drop off zones are for quick drop offs, not parking.

3. Car parks are for parking cars, not quick drop offs.

4. Teacher only car parks are ONLY for teachers.

Now please stop me if I’m going to fast for you. I know it can be tricky…

5. The speed limit in school zones is 40. There is no “1” in front of it.

6. A speed bump is designed to slow you down. Building up speed on approach really does defeat the purpose.

7. I understand that some of you feel that shoes are optional attire. Pants, however, are most definitely NOT.

And lastly, but most importantly:

 8. Neither your time, nor your child, is more important than mine or anyone else’s. 

Please show some common courtesy and respect.

Does the school run get a little unruly in your neck of the woods?

{Nee Asks} Save my Sanity!

Ok peeps, I am in desperate need of some parenting advice. My child’s life is in danger.

See this sweet innocent face?


I could throttle it most days.

It is well documented on this blog that the Wilful One and I both possess the procrastination gene. But since turning 5, the boy’s has gone into overdrive.

He is such a bright, enthusiastic child who loves to have purpose and responsibility. Generally.

However, recently the most simple tasks have become drawn out beyond belief. Tidying up. Getting dressed. Getting a drink. Going to the toilet. Putting. On. Bloody. Shoes. ARGH!

If faffing around was an olympic sport I’d been signing him up pronto. He’d bring home the gold every time.

Having a tendency to dawdle myself, I am more tolerant than most and I have tried a number of things to try to help him get moving.

I step out tasks in order of events (he likes a plan), make it a game/race, pre-prepare as much as possible, offer rewards and of course, lots of good old threats. This morning I heard myself tell him he would be taken to school in his underwear if he wasn’t dressed by the time I got to the door!

So, I beseech you, for the sake of my son and that of my sanity, tell me your tips for keeping procrastination-prone youngsters on task and focused.



The holiday is over

Today, after 5 weeks off, I went back to work.

Back to the coal face.

Put my nose to the grindstone.

Working for the man.

And all that jazz…

I know I should be feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and motivated to get back to it. But I’m not. I’m rather ambivalent about it all really.

Perhaps it’s the circus that is the kindy drop off /school-run before work.

Perhaps it’s the concerns I have about my boy starting after school care when he’s I’m we are quite anxious about it.

Perhaps it’s the long list of holiday to-do’s that didn’t get done. Again. Still.

Perhaps I’m really not that enamoured with my job.

Or perhaps it’s all of these things combined with the fact that I don’t really feel like I’ve had much of a holiday at all. Apart from a month ago when we had a week at the coast (which, by the way, felt exactly like a holiday), these days time away from work just feels like… life.

Broken nights, early mornings, washing and housework, meals to prepare. These things rarely take leave.

Gone are the days of holidays equating to sleeping til noon, watching (non Disney) movies and reading books all day before going out for dinner. No more spontaneous road trips or living off takeaways.

Alright, I must admit these holidays have had a lot of highlights, a new car, a new puppy and the beginning of a new journey for my Wilful One.

Actually, it has just struck me that after 5 years of parenting my definition of ‘holiday’ needs to change significantly. Life might not take a holiday but I need to appreciate that having one less obligation/responsibility competing for my time and energy (i.e. paid work) certainly does qualify as a holiday.

One thing is for sure, by the end of this week, the last month will look a hell of a lot more like a holiday!

What’s your idea of a holiday?

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