Things I Know


It’s been chaos and mayhem as usual for the menagerie and me of late. Here are a bunch of random things I know this week:

I know that a sure-fire way to guarantee a Mt Vesuvius size eruption on your face is to be the facilitator for a training workshop involving a dozen or so buff police officers.


Was very tempted to wear one of these - with a top on as well of course.

I know that the two separate Garnier packs I scored from Brand Meets Blog and Good Googs  this week will help me banish (or at least conceal) aforementioned pimple and reduce future embarrassment.

I know the only way to get my kids to sleep-in is the necessity to be somewhere early.

I know that nothing is going to give me grey hairs quicker than the night terror/asthma attack combo Bam Bam is running at the moment.

I know we desperately need an asthma management plan.

I know I must avoid the temptation for us to live off chicken nuggets and Vegemite toast for 5 days while The Man is in Sydney over the weekend. He is usually my nutritional conscience. Must lose weight!

I know I’m one more week closer to holidays and Melbourne!!!

I know I need to write some lists (oh how I love lists) of all the jobs I need to get done around here while on holidays and, more importantly, of what shopping I need to do.

I know I need to do some serious research via Fox in Flats and Styling You so I can make some fashion savvy purchases rather than my standard “jeans & tee” uniform.

I know I’m very excited to have won free blog hosting through Little Hero Hosting and I foresee some exciting things in the future for my humble little blog.  Watch this space!  Literally… please?

What do you know this week??

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I know older is not necessarily wiser

I know that this week  I’m definitely older, but not necessarily wiser. Here’s what I do know for sure this week:

I know that turning 31 is much harder than turning 30. There is no claiming association with the twenty-somethings now.

I know that deep, deep down, I’m ok with that.

I know around this time last year I jumped out of a perfectly good plane at 14 000 feet. It’s easy peasy, you just …

I know it was freakin’ awesome and I can’t wait to do it again. Next time I’ll be making The Man jump too.

I know my favourite birthday-day ritual is spending the whole day with my bestie doing something we love. This year was no exception and it was a lovely interlude in the week that was.

I know that Tuesday’s visit to the children’s hospital ED with Bam Bam aged me more than 100 birthdays ever could. It was asthma related. He is doing fine. I am still  a complete train wreck  recovering.

I know I wouldn’t have been able to successfully keep a ‘roided up feral toddler confined to a hospital bed for 5 hours without the help of my iPhone & it’s repertoire of apps.  So grateful for modern parenting crutches!

I know we are very lucky to have made it 5 years into this parenting gig without out a hospital visit before now. Very lucky indeed. 

I know I’m so happy that Spring has sprung (even though I am no longer young!) because hopefully it will bring an end to our run of illness for a few months. Or at least put the brakes on a little.

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What do you know this week? And tell me, would you ever jump out of a plane?